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Although we work with a variety of different clients, our years of experience have led us to develop in-depth expertise towards two particular types of clients:

Foundations, NPOs and Associations

Among our clients, we count more than 70 NPOs that we assist each year in the pursuit of their mission.

"As a growing charity, our challenges are significant. Thanks to his well-adapted service offer for NPOs, Jean Philippe and his team have been able to give us the necessary tools to improve governance in the management of our assets while providing us with valuable operational leverage with the management of our securities donations."

- S. Bourbonniere, Executive Director, Fondation le Chainon

"I have recently retired and Jean Philippe, with his team, has shown a lot of proactivity in his support to enlighten me on my financial planning. His sound advice also allowed me to optimize my tax planning by reducing my taxes while respecting the tax laws. Finally, his regular communications and diversified portfolio management confirm to me that my wealth is in good hands."

- L. Cardinal

Business Owners and Executives

Let us help you achieve your financial goals with tailor-made coaching and innovative portfolio management that we continually adapt to industry best practices.

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