What We Do

Comprehensive planning, customized solutions and exceptional service 

Client Service Philosophy

We provide financial peace of mind for wealthy families through a proven platform of comprehensive planning, personalized strategies and exceptional service.


We treat your money with respect.

Guarding your nest egg is our most important task. We also want to make it grow, by reducing your investment costs and increasing your after-tax returns.

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Preservation of capital

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Maximizing rates of return

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Minimizing taxes

Our Approach

Through a consistent and continuous investment process, we coordinate the specialists, knowledge and resources to manage wealth.

1. Discover


  • Understanding your financial goals, potential obstacles and preference
  • Identifying your interests in our High Net Worth (HNW) services beyond investing
  • Gathering documentation
  • Opening dialogues with your accountant and attorney, if required

2. Propose


  • Personalized financial plan
  • Investment portfolio
  • HNW client services
  • Implementation and transition schedule
  • Working together - briefings and reviews

3. Implement


  • Initiate the financial plan
  • Phase in the investment recommendations
  • Enroll in HNW services
  • Send transfer forms, consolidate assets
  • Review the forthcoming client statement

4. Monitor


  • Monitor progress according to the plan
  • Adjust the plan and investments when needed
  • Inform you, your accountant and attorney of anything you should be aware of
  • Help you navigate your options of complex wealth

Our Promise to You

  • Meet with you to develop an investment and financial plan that’s all about you.
  • Build the plan  and investment portfolio(s) and monitor them regularly to ensure you’re on track.   
  • Communicate with you regularly throughout the year.  Reviews and regular communication is our top priority as a team.
  • Provide you with our weekly Market Observer to keep you aware of important news, deadlines, and information about our team. 
  • Ensure someone is always available to help you, just one of the many benefits of having a large team.  

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