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The Fairway Wealth Management Team is a select group of highly qualified investment professionals. Collectively, we possess nearly 400 years of wealth management experience, numerous financial designations and several university degrees.

The unique team format employed by Fairway Wealth Management allows the group to utilize the expertise of each team member, providing our clients with the highest degree of knowledge in all aspects of personal finance. An additional benefit of the team format is an exceptional and unsurpassed level of service.

The Fairway Wealth Management Team is the custodian and primary financial decision maker for over 1000 families, businesses, and foundations. Collectively, our team of 25 manages assets totaling $2.5 billion with 5 office locations in London, Toronto, Waterloo, Chatham, and Windsor.

What We Do

Client Service Philosophy

We provide financial peace of mind for wealthy families through a proven platform of comprehensive planning, personalized strategies and exceptional service.


We treat your money with respect. Guarding your nest egg is our most important task. We also want to make it grow, by reducing your investment costs and increasing your after-tax returns. Our award-winning results speak for themselves.

Investment Philosophy

The Fairway Team embraces the principles that have made Warren Buffett a great success. Acquiring top quality investments at reasonable prices and being patient are key to long-term financial success. This long-term, conservative approach reflects the Team's and National Bank Financial’s goal of handling all client needs. This does not mean we buy, hold and forget. We change our view when the information changes.

Investment Strategy

Recognizing that the financial needs of every client are unique, Fairway utilizes the extensive resources available to the team to develop, implement and monitor a long-term financial plan suited to the individual. Client expectations, objectives and time horizon are only some of the factors that are weighed when developing individual plans.

Who We Help

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Whether you are a young professional just beginning to plan for your financial future or someone approaching or already in retirement we understand you have goals, plans and dreams for you and your family.

We work with individuals and families at all stages and believe that Building wealth is about more than just money. There is also the careful planning of projects at different stages of your life. You need an integrated approach in order to achieve your financial goals.

We offer the following services and we will tailor them to your specific needs:

  • Portfolio Management: To build and grow your wealth or to carry out your life’s projects, you must first put in place the right savings and investment strategy.
  • Financial Planning: We help you articulate your goals and help you formulate a plan to achieving them. Whether this is your retirement, education for children/grandchildren or a trip around the world, we can help!
  • Tax Planning: Taxes are one of life’s certainties, but there are ways to minimize your tax burden, at the time of the initial investment and upon its disbursement.
  • Retirement Planning: Having a plan in place before retirement is important. Having the right team in your corner to help you navigate your post working years will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.
  • Estate Planning: Having a succession plan and an updated will can save your successors a lot of trouble. We can help you plan efficiently.
  • Insurance Planning: Having the right insurance coverage can make all the difference for your peace of mind, but you must first assess your needs and potential risks.
  • Complementary Services: We offer several services designed to complement our line of investment solutions: philanthropy, trust, fiduciary, etc.
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Business owners and entrepreneurs have unique needs. The Fairway Wealth Management Team understands that whether you are a professional practice, family run business or international corporation you will need a series of financial offerings tailored to your growing business.

As a business owner your wealth plan needs reflect that a significant portion of your wealth may be closely aligned with your business. For this reason, we feel your financial strategy should encompass your entire financial picture.

The Fairway Team can help with this by offering the following:

  • A complete analysis of your family and business situation
  • A team of experienced Wealth Management industry professionals that have worked with a number of successful business owners across the country.
  • We will work with your accountant, lawyer and other advisors to help build a strong team to aid your business growth.
  • Portfolio management: A focus on after tax return tailored to your business needs allowing you to invest outside your business to diversify your assets.
  • Insurance: You have worked hard to build your business. We can provide peace of mind that your family will be taken care of if something were to happen to you. With corporations, this can be done with great tax efficiency as well.
  • Succession planning: We have helped business owners transition into retirement while the next generation takes over operations. Having the right team in your corner can be vital to making sure this happens as smoothly as possible.
  • Retirement Planning: Having a plan in place before retirement is important. Having the right team in place to help you navigate your post working years will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.
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Institutions and community organizations like hospitals, mutual insurance companies, foundations and estates often need professional financial management offered in a transparent and personalized way. We have provided complete and individualized help to a variety of these types of entities for many years.

Our fully customized approach can include:

  • A team of dedicated professionals managing and administering the portfolio.
  • Regular presentations to your board members
  • Customizable monthly reporting
  • Online access for easy administration
  • Competitive fee structure
  • We will work with your accountants, lawyer and other advisors to help build a strong team
  • Comprehensive Tax package to make annual planning easier

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