About Dalpé Wealth

Our clients tell us that we help them sleep. That’s a good sign!

My job consists in thinking about potential medium and long-term market movements and navigating through these in both fair and stormy weather, while staying the course to achieve capital growth.

Often, our clients entrust us with the fruit of a lifetime of hard work and it is incumbent upon me to apply both rigor and originality to my management to get returns that exceed the benchmark indices and that compare favorably, year after year, to those offered by the country’s best managers.

Moreover, it is our responsibility to implement a personalized financial plan for each of our clients. This is to ensure that the timing and quality of their retirement are realistic and materialize.

Building client proximity and seeing the trust our clients vest in us are our main source of satisfaction.

Marc Dalpé


Ensure flawless follow-up.

Since 1998, Dalpé Wealth Partners has been one of Canada's leading financial advisors offering highly competitive returns to their clients. This is no accident.

The academic and technical skills of Marc Dalpé and members of his team are quite unique in the industry. In addition to their tireless work, Marc Dalpé's extensive experience in the field since 1981, including nine years in corporate finance, his extensive information network and his contacts in the business community are such that Dalpé Wealth Partners represents a team of independent thinkers.

At Dalpé Wealth Partners, we take seriously the responsibility of becoming our clients' principal financial advisor. Integrity and competence are the cornerstones of our success.


A healthy and original business vision.

The specific identity of the Dalpé Wealth Partners brand distinctly defines us within the market.

Most of our clients, even though they work hard to accumulate their financial wealth, often do not have the time required to manage it properly and ensure it will meet the different demands of life. Others are simply not interested in following the market prices or the evolution of interest rates continuously. In general, the average person does not have the required knowledge to build a professional and solid investment strategy apt to resist or benefit from market fluctuations.

To meet our clients' expectations – successfully for more than two decades – we have structured our portfolio based on macroeconomics and a vast array of world class sources of information aimed to help in the independent decision-making process.

We favor a management fee-based approach. This mode of remuneration is clearer and more transparent.

The usage of these strategic elements has allowed us to receive many awards of distinction over the years, including the prestigious National Winner of the Investment Dealers Association of Canada (IDA) Award of Distinction. This Award recognizes outstanding investment advisors who exemplify the highest standards of dedication and professionalism in the securities industry. Only two advisors from Quebec have ever been selected for this prestigious honor.


Our offering is delivered as part of a personalized, empathetic, and professional service.

Beyond a history of achieving competitive returns, Dalpé Wealth Partners is first and foremost the strength of a team of qualified professionals that excel in their respective fields ensuring superior quality service to our clients.

The availability of our team members and their in-depth knowledge of our clients' priorities allow Dalpé Wealth Partners to offer a vast array of related services that give substance to our work as a principal financial advisor.


What our clients did not find elsewhere…

Our clients have indicated that they appreciate the active communication that we maintain with them regardless of the market environment.

A member of the Dalpé Wealth Partners team is available to always answer your questions. In addition, we communicate by phone with our clients at least four times a year to inquire about their needs and make sure they are satisfied with our services.

Our clients appreciate these regular exchanges about their portfolios and their changing priorities, which naturally evolve over a lifetime. We regularly update our clients' financial plans to help them achieve their retirement and quality of life goals.

An email concerning a subject pertinent to our portfolios is sent daily. We also prepare a quarterly newsletter related to market activities and our performance and which includes a personalized quarterly performance report.

What sets us apart

The size of the assets managed by Dalpé Wealth Partners, combined with the experience and skills of the team, are what sets us apart.

Our large number of clients and their diversity have provided our team with a unique experience in Quebec.   For example, since 1998, we have carried out more than 3,000 retirement plans.

The combination of academic and professional expertise, as well as the combined experience of our team members, are key to our success and in making Dalpé Wealth Partners a leader in its sector. Dalpé Wealth Partners' multidisciplinary team makes it possible to maximize the contribution and talents of all its members, in order to offer an efficient and consistent service.

Beyond words, our results demonstrate the soundness of our strategy and rank us among the best managers.

We offer no tips or promises of high returns. Only professional and systematic management focused on the long-term that shows results that have been among the best in the country, year after year.

It is well known that most managers cannot achieve the results of comparable indices. Over 23 years, our total equity portfolio has generated a compound annual return of 9,6% before management fees, compared to 5.8% for the MSCI All Country Index.

Furthermore, since our management is provided in a discretionary manner, it is systematic for each client. Each client receives the same service and thorough attention.

Eager to win new market shares, Canadian banks claim to offer personalized service to private banking clients. But our own experience, and that of many clients who have told us about theirs, has taught us that:

  1. In a bank, the person assigned to your account changes regularly. It is very difficult in this context to establish proximity and personalize the service.   – At Dalpé Wealth Partners, on the other hand, the stability of our team and in-depth understanding of our clients’ long-term needs are key factors.
  2. In a bank, representatives who act as financial advisors are usually responsible for managing the client relationship, meaning that most requests fall outside the representative’s purview and are decided by individuals with whom direct discussion is generally impossible.   – At Dalpé Wealth Partners, you speak directly to the people who manage your file.
  3. For a bank, the role of the financial advisor is generally primarily to sell the Bank’s products to the client, even though these products may not be the best available on the market to meet the client’s needs. This is a “product” approach, rather than an “advice” one.   – Dalpé Wealth Partners does not design or sell any of its own products. We will always look for the best product to meet your priorities, wherever it is.

We act as the principal advisor for most of our clients. We consider that the quality of our services hinges on a comprehensive vision of our clients’ assets. 

Our services go beyond portfolio management to include financial planning and all aspects of wealth management.

We constantly invest in tools that enable us to improve and make more efficient the services we provide. Whether it is our portfolio management, wealth planning or client service systems.

By freeing up our team member's time to talk to you instead of entering data, our technological infrastructure allows us to offer a professional and highly personalized service.

Our clients know that they can call or meet with us at any time. We are at their disposal.

Our team communicate with each of our clients at least once every three months.

We also prepare a daily email message called InfoSabius that deals with current issues and reflects our positions. In addition, they explain the reasons that motivate the transactions we make within the portfolios.

We send all our clients a quarterly performance report accompanied by a newsletter (since 1992). This newsletter, which is prepared internally in its entirety, points out the highlights of the period and our view of the markets.


Our clients pay a management fee for our services according to an agreed upon percentage of the assets under management. The rate is mainly determined according to assets and varies between ¾ of 1% to 2%..

We want our pricing to be competitive and in line with industry standards. But it is by the quality of our service and our results that we want to distinguish ourselves, not by our fees.

In 1995, we introduced the management fee structure, replacing commissions on transactions. At that time, we were pioneers in that very few investment advisors in Canada were remunerated in this way. This approach has been widespread for less than 10 years.

The following points explain our views:

  1. The work of the portfolio manager, which more closely resembles our activities than that of a sales representative, has a continuous and regular scope. It is only normal that our remuneration aligns with the way our service is rendered. Our actions are not of a punctual and occasional nature, which would suggest a commission-based approach;

  2. The role of the principal financial advisor requires complete trust between the client and the advisor. The commission-based formula is susceptible for some not to favor such a climate in various respects:
    • the advisor's remuneration is linked to the execution of a transaction. The client could wonder if the transaction is recommended to generate a commission or, even worse, if the product is offered because it generates a higher commission than another product. The conflict-of-interest environment, even if only apparent, is not conducive to the essential establishment of absolute trust; and
    • most clients do not know how much the fixed income securities portion of their portfolio costs (which often represents over 50 % of the portfolio) and ignore the fees received by their advisor on the sale of investment funds. This lack of transparency is not appropriate in the light of the role we want to have with our clients;
  3. The fixed-rate fee formula ensures that the only possible source of increase in the advisor's remuneration is the growth of the client's portfolio, whether this stems from the annual return on investment or from additional contributions. This corresponds exactly to clients’ expectations, in which a partnership is established where interests coincide perfectly;

  4. We are convinced that a non-negligible part of our success in obtaining competitive portfolio returns is because our portfolio management is 'pure' and unencumbered from having to generate transactions every month to earn a living; and

  5. In view of the significant investment that we have made in our business, it is obvious that the steady monthly revenue generated from the fee formula is advantageous and allows for better planning.

Our clients

Understanding our clients’ personal and professional situation is fundamental to the implementation of our business plan. Our work as portfolio manager requires us to have opinions about financial markets and various investment vehicles to make recommendations to each of our clients, which are best suited to their own specific situation. But we exceed the minimum required. Maintaining a complete and up-to-date understanding of each client constitutes one of the greatest challenges for the investment advisor. At Dalpé Wealth Partners, exceeding those requirements from regulatory authorities becomes the source of our identity as a group and the raw material of our efforts.

Our mission refers to our mandate as the principal financial advisor. This role implies by its nature a detailed and up-to-date understanding of our clients. Furthermore, only a complete knowledge of our clients allows us to offer all our clients personalized service, for which we will be remunerated adequately.

To better understand our clients and so better grasp their objectives, their expectations, the stakes of their personal finances, their level of tolerance to risk and volatility, etc., we begin every new client relationship with a series of activities such as a complete finance planning exercise, an investor profile evaluation, etc. Usually, two or three hours of preparatory work are required before even discussing portfolio management. This effort allows us to better understand our clients, to position ourselves as the principal financial advisor, to identify areas where our range of services or products can be required (e.g. insurance), to create realistic expectations, to identify investment objectives and finally to recommend a truly informed and judicious portfolio strategy.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, the Dalpé Wealth Partners Group has introduced procedures to follow-up on client developments and to document and update this knowledge base. For instance, a regularly scheduled Monday morning meeting is held with all team members to discuss, among other things, particular situations related to our clients; and we use extensively client relationship management systems to ensure that no important information is missed when performing our role as principal financial advisor.

We do not accept clients who are speculators or inveterate "traders". Generally, our clients favor conservatism, but appreciate dynamism. Our clients do not consider us as executors of transactions, but more as the initiators of these. Our clients appreciate not only the follow-up and professionalism of our portfolio management, but also their ability to contribute their own investment ideas occasionally. They value their capacity to discuss openly with the key individual responsible for the management of their assets. These exchanges enrich our work and contribute to making Dalpé Wealth Partners a trusted principal financial advisor.

Client service

The essence of a service company is the service.  Nothing is more important to Dalpé Wealth Partners. Yet, nothing is more difficult to convey and to explain. The quality of service is measured by intangible human impressions.

The growth of assets under management is the basis for the increase in generated income. Experience demonstrates that the main source of new prospects stems from references from current clients and that it is much easier to convert a prospect into a client if the person was referred by a satisfied client. Service is the first reason that a client refers a prospect. So, to be referred, you have to offer first-rate service.

The quality of service is mainly a function of two elements: (i) a client-oriented mindset where attention is paid to clients themselves, not just to their portfolios, and (ii) a professional organization that uses technology and efficient processes. The members of Dalpé Wealth Partners are naturally chosen for their professional skills (in relatively plentiful supply), but more importantly they are chosen for their talent to demonstrate true empathy and concern for a job well done (a rarer commodity). This assertion might seem simplistic, but it represents the main reason for the quality of our service.

Client testimonials

“I chose this team based on their attentiveness, transparency, authenticity, commitment and their advisory rather than promotional approach. Dedication, commitment, rigor in the acquisition of market knowledge, the achievement of more than satisfactory returns and friendly relations with team members are behaviors which have been demonstrated over the years and which have kept me as client for 20 years now.” [Translated from French]

Sylvain Grenier

Former President of a Computer Consulting Firm

“Over the past eight years, I have been able to appreciate the results of Marc's work and his involvement in the management of my assets. After all these years, I can say that my respect for Marc's competence is the reason for my loyalty to him.” [Translated from French]

Pierre Bastien

Retired doctor

“Stability of staff of a wealth management company is an important criterion for me. Working with an advisor with an experienced team in place for years that knows its clients is an asset.

Over the years, I have therefore consolidated my assets within a single firm that has a global view of my portfolio, in this case, this team.

I have received strategic and judicious advice for the sale of a business, for the sale of real estate, and in planning for a semi-retirement. My investor profile is focused on portfolio growth. Over the years, my trust in their team has allowed me to change my investor profile for a slightly more aggressive portfolio. Their investment performance is above industry average and the returns achieved are significant over time.

Marc Dalpé and I are the same age. During a lunch, Marc confided in me that he enjoyed his role of advisor plans on continuing for many years to come. I was very happy to know that continuity would be assured.” [Translated from French]

Jean-François Gravel

Contractor and real property owner

“With you, there is no improvisation, no magic. Portfolio management is a science, and the underlying intuition requires a deep understanding of the markets and serious reflection supported by in-depth analysis of short, medium and long term trends. This is the approach that sets you apart.” [Translated from French]


“The individual, the team before the institution; these five words guide me, and I find Marc Dalpé. He is accessible, full of common sense and an excellent communicator. And so, here I am! 30 years later, I'm making this dream come true. Today I am proud of myself for having made the right choice. What I take away as a financial life lesson? The challenge in investing is to stay the course and resist the tempting offers of management costs or higher returns, especially when you're a person like me who develops little interest in following the management of my portfolio on a regular basis.

He had my trust and answered my questions and concerns quickly and kindly when necessary. He provided me with an annual review of the financial market, he was my personal Gérald Fillion to guide me through my early days in the financial world and believe me, I was very much aware of the issues at stake.

To choose Marc Dalpé and his team who is beyond any doubt a person of honesty and integrity, to sleep soundly and trust in him, to persevere, especially during difficult times, to ALWAYS think long term, to remain calm... and here I am, brimming with calm and gratitude. THANK YOU, MARC!” [Translated from French]

Marleine Simard

Former head of a media company and sales and marketing consultant

“Over the years, I have seen all kinds of markets and consulted various investment advisors. My extensive experience in the industry has taught me the importance of working with a quality advisor with whom I must have built a strong relationship of trust to properly manage my wealth (and eventually support my beneficiaries).

team – with whom I have built such a relationship– have exceeded my expectations by demonstrating:

  • a good understanding of my needs
  • a systematic and rigorous approach to portfolio management
  • market intelligence that becomes a source of innovative ideas
  • a quality of service where I am informed, and advisors are available.

Moreover, it is important to mention that embodies the qualities sought after in a client-advisor relationship, namely a constant concern for my financial success absent of undue risks, and a service based on transparency and integrity.” [Translated from French]

Germain Carrière

Former president of Desjardins Securities and National Bank Financial

“There are many occasions that I need to contact my personal advisor and I am very impressed by their quick response time.  If I need to meet or talk with Marc Dalpe or Anna Gastaldi with any concern or need of mine, they have been accessible and available.” [Translated from French]

Five-time Olympic medallist

“Marc Dalpé has my full confidence and, above all, plays a very special role at this stage of my life.

Of course, he manages my portfolio with dynamism, intelligence and expertise. He is available and welcoming.

He does much more than that for me. At this point in my life where I feel I am emotionally ready, after 32 years, to retire from my consulting practice and feel I no longer want to live at the pace of full-time work, Marc has accompanied me, advised me and helped me understand my finances at retirement.

It is thanks to his guidance that I now feel free, confident and safe to approach my retirement with a smile on my face, a head full of projects and open-mindedness for what may come next.” [Translated from French] 


“I shopped for an investment advisor in 1993 and selected Marc Dalpé due to his clarity of thought regarding portfolio management and financial services.

So for me, the most valuable service provided by the team is the regular communication regarding ongoing changes to portfolio strategy and composition. Changes to asset allocations have always been clearly explained – in writing.

My family and I have also enjoyed sound advice regarding overall financial planning, including insurance. Recommendations have always been made in plain language.” [Translated from French]

Financial Communicator

“At the end of the 80s, my path crossed that of Marc Dalpé. The trust he inspired in me from the very beginning led me to entrust him with all of my assets and those of my family. That was 30 years ago, and it still stands to this day.

I devote my energies to my work, and I let him do his. In this way, I have peace.

By combining my rigorous savings habits and Marc's know-how, I have achieved my goals and I now have all the latitude I need to live in accordance with my choices.

The longevity of our relationship has been based for years on security and returns, the two essential pillars in wealth management.” [Translated from French]

Daniel Tozzi


“I will not go into details, but too often in the past I have met brokers that made (almost) more profit than I.

Despite economic turmoil, I have a sense of inner peace because I am convinced that the Group’s mission will always be relevant: to manage the world's most important investments... Ours.” [Translated from French]

Dorothée Morin

Retired from academia, Pierrefonds

“I thanked the Lord for allowing Mr. Dalpé to cross my path.” [Translated from French]

Ginette Reno


“As a business lawyer for the past 30 years, I am familiar with the concept of "good family man" used by lawyers to define the behavioural norm in a given context. When it comes to financial advice, Marc is, in my opinion, THE benchmark for a good family man. He has managed our investments with rigour, intelligence, honesty, loyalty, dedication, professionalism and passion for over 20 years. It is a privilege to be able to count on Marc Dalpé as part of our extended family.” [Translated from French]

Nathalie Després

Business Lawyer

“I have been a client of the team for over 20 years now. At the time, a colleague warmly recommended their impeccable, attentive and professional service. I can tell you that after all these years our relationship has certainly never disappointed me.

Not only have I always received honest, prompt, and personalized service, but their management strategy has allowed me to obtain excellent returns on the funds I have entrusted to them.

In this day and age where the market can be riddled with individuals whose lust for gain may easily distort their priorities, it is difficult to place our full confidence in a team of professionals. However, the Group’s history of high safety returns justifies our full confidence in them.

The team is made up of passionate, competent and hard-working individuals. It is these essential qualities that have made it possible for me to ensure the continuity of my family and their descendants. I sincerely thank them.“ [Translated from French]

Guy Caron

Chief of Maxillofacial Surgery CIUSS Montérégie-Centre

“Since the very beginning, the company, and Marc Dalpé in particular, has been very attentive to our financial objectives while taking into account our specific needs.

They have been able to provide us with competitive returns in a difficult economic environment.“ [Translated from French]

Commercial real estate brokers

“I would like to take a few moments to tell you the main reasons why my spouse and I have entrusted our financial asset management to Mr. Marc Dalpé and his team. Three major reasons explain our choice:

  1. Trust
  2. Personalized approach
  3. Results

This started with Marc's clear, realistic and transparent expectations of results. He clearly demonstrated his past results and his approach to portfolio management. He didn't promise us disproportionate results nor did he try to talk negatively about the competition. We clearly established our investment objectives, risk tolerance and retirement goals. Since that day, this trust has been developed through the achievement of these results.

The personalized approach :
Marc's team, including of course Christina Guisti, our direct advisor, is always available to answer our questions or arrange a meeting with Marc. The possibility for a portfolio review, a retirement planification or just for clarifications on market concerns are very easy to arrange. In the past, I have experienced job loss combined with health concerns that have kept me off work for more than 18 months. A meeting was quickly scheduled to reassure us about our personal finances, to clearly establish the different scenarios, and to find solutions to help us reach our retirement goals. I felt supported and this support greatly helped me get through this difficult time by giving me realistic facts that were much less dramatic than I had imagined. This human and transparent approach made all the difference. Moreover, a very important factor for us is the fact that even though our portfolio is modest in comparison to the portfolios managed by Marc, we are fully confident we will be treated in the same professional and personalized manner.

Results :
Of course the objective of entrusting our savings to private management is to achieve financial growth objectives. For more than 10 years, Marc has been successful in meeting our performance objectives and growing our portfolio. His instinct, his flair and his knowledge of the market help us feel at ease when the market fluctuates. If you wish to have realistic results tailored to your needs, rest in peace and be treated in a personalized manner, trust Marc Dalpé's team.” [Translated from French]

Louis-A Vachon and Marie-Josée Turgeon

Sales Manager of a medical company and Teacher

“If my decision five years ago to entrust a large part of my assets to the team was based above all on your historical performance, that of staying with you and recommending you without hesitation can be summarized as follows: 

  • Always delivered on ever-growing promises
  • Unrivalled client service
  • The great confidence I have acquired over the years in your organization to manage my portfolio, regardless of market turbulence.  The environment of the past year has only strengthened it.” [Translated from French]

Louis Morin

Happy retiree, former President, Brasserie Labatt du Québec

“Thanks to Marc’s attentive listening, his availability to my needs, his flexibility, his thinking outside the box, his rapidity of response and the professionalism of him and his team, I am fully confident in the advice they give me. Without them and the returns Marc was able to generate despite the market turmoil (with him I earned money while my former advisor just told me that I had to accept my losses), I could not have envisaged a comfortable retirement. Marc and his team were able to alleviate my concerns for the future.” [Translated from French]

Jacques Bérard

International Consultant

“When you think about investing your savings to make them grow in preparation for retirement, the first thing you think about is, "Who am I going to entrust my money to? Who can I trust?”

A relationship between a client and an investment advisor is built first and foremost on trust. Without trust in the competence, honesty, probity and objectivity of one's investment advisor, the client is better off entrusting his or her money to someone else.

Having worked for several years for an investment dealer I, unlike the average investor, have had the opportunity to get to know this industry, to understand how it works and to meet top professionals. In my opinion, investment advisors, i.e. representatives of full-service investment dealers (brokerage firms), are, among all the intermediaries in the securities industry, the best placed to make our savings grow.

I have no worries about entrusting my savings to Marc Dalpé and his team. I know how he works: he keeps abreast of the world economy and analyzes international geopolitical events; he reads the Canadian and foreign financial press, visits the countries in which he wants to invest, meets with foreign financial managers to get a feel for their management skills and thinks about how all these elements interact with each other. In addition, he keeps us informed on the fruits of his reflections by sending us a daily newsletter on a financial hot topic or other subject of interest. Finally, once a year he meets with us or, at the very least, a member of his team contacts us to find out about changes in our personal and financial situation in order to make the necessary changes to our portfolio.” [Translated from French]

Danielle LeMay

Lawyer who has had a career with various securities firms

“Three independent evaluations of my portfolio performance have shown that they outperform the competition. Even when times are difficult (e.g. 2008), the group has been able to do well. In addition to maintaining a respectable return, they have very skillfully managed my portfolio to optimize available tax returns and minimize capital losses.

The accessibility and trust I have in the Group gives me the peace of mind I need to continue my professional and family activities.” [Translated from French]

Dr. Norman Pierre Edger

Specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery

“It is always a pleasure to work with the team and especially Anna Gastaldi. With Ms. Gastaldi, I have always felt at ease. She is accessible and available to inform me about the return on my investments. I particularly appreciated her presence and guidance at the time of my husband's passing. I have never hesitated to recommend you to my family. You are a reliable, friendly and attentive team, that's why my trust has been with you for all these years.” [Translated from French]

Nicole Lamarre

Retired Woman

“Over the years, I have always trusted Marc Dalpé for his honesty and probity.” [Translated from French]

Pharmacist and entrepreneur

“As a client of the Group for more than 20 years now, I can only recommend their team, which has accompanied me throughout the years to help me reach my long-term financial goals. The team consists of a dedicated group that is always available to answer our questions and give us professional advice.

The Group helped me with the sale of my company and advised me very well on all tax aspects of the transaction. This approach was very important to allow me to maximize profit.

Throughout these 20 years, the returns they generated allowed me to benefit from early retirement. I can only strongly recommend them and hope to benefit from their sound advice for many years to come.” [Translated from French]

Pierre Thériault

Former Entrepreneur

“Despite these difficult times, rigour, discipline, attention to details, effective communication and a constant desire to satisfy clients have been your trademark. What else is there to sleep soundly, knowing that my financial partner has my best interests at heart.” [Translated from French]

High technology entrepreneur

“Mr. Dalpé and his team have been supporting us for many years now. Courteous, professional, and personalized service has always been the order of the day, even in difficult times. All interactions with this team were based on mutual respect and careful attention paid to our knowledge and expectations.

Easy to approach and always available, Mr. Dalpé and his team not only advised us on portfolio management, but also on corporate and personal financial planning.” [Translated from French]

Benoit de Varennes and Louise Piché

Cardiologist and Pediatrician Couple

“Sitting around a table with the team, we quickly realized how important it is to have, just as a good family doctor, a good team to take care of our financial health. With their great listening skills and their calculation and analysis tools, they showed us in a simple way how to understand the ways to achieve these goals in the short and long term.“ [Translated from French]

Lucie Demers

Former Entrepreneur

“To each his own profession! In today's volatile economic climate, an old saying sums up all the good reasons for choosing the right advisor or manager: "Man is the only animal that can be fleeced more than once.”.

I have neither the knowledge, nor the vigilance, nor the patience to closely monitor the complexity of the multiple investment vehicles and to predict the sometimes-incredible upheavals of global and local markets.

With the team I have found the qualities of skill and service, which protect the stability of my business… with peace of mind as a premium. What else can I ask for?” [Translated from French]

Retired Doctor

“The group has been and still is the watchman I need to spot what escapes my gaze. This relationship I dare say from the outset, is not merely a financial one. The idea seems strange in this world of hyper performance.

It is a subtle amalgam that we define as trust. This feeling is not just volatile, like the stock price. It is based on a thorough knowledge of my values and aspirations; respect for inherited capital, a period of professional ambivalence, priority to children's studies and more.

This confidence is anchored in reality, far from the temptations of a "better elsewhere" offered by competitors.

, with its unique approach, remains in my opinion a happy marriage of flair, intelligence and hypervigilance. This team helps me live better with the assurance that this relationship is based on trust.” [Translated from French]

Lucie Leblanc


“The team of professionals is constantly available to answer any questions or provide any services which I may require. In this difficult economic environment and despite the continuing turbulence of the world markets, I always know that the Group has my best interests in mind in order to secure my financial security.” [Translated from French] 

Arthur J. Wechsler

Lawyer Managing Partner

“I have been entrusting my portfolio to Marc Dalpé for several years now and I am very pleased about that. He has a terrific team that is always available to keep me up to date on the market and give me wonderful advice. I feel safe with them and for a single retired woman this is very important. What's more, the return on my capital is more than competitive.” [Translated from French] 

Retired Woman

“Twenty years ago, I found myself in the fortunate situation of having to find a manager to administer my investments. When I chose Marc Dalpé, I felt I was making a good choice. Over the years, my impression has become conviction.

Despite the ups and downs that the markets have experienced over the years, I have always felt secure. Of course, the performance history is there to support my claims, but other elements also contributed to my level of satisfaction.

His transparent management style combined with his way of simplifying things which, at times, might become incomprehensible has contributed to the development of this feeling of trust between us. Moreover, a simplified and coherent investment portfolio with participation levels adapted to my personal situation and my risk tolerance level are features unique to him. He is probably not the only manager to offer this formula, but for me he is the only one who has been able to apply it consistently and effectively for 20 years.” [Translated from French]

Marc Portelance

Former President of a Multinational Company and Management Consultant

“Over the past forty years, I have dealt with four portfolio managers to help preserve and enhance my wealth. I have observed a wide diversity in their strategies, skills and performance.

I once met a "Technocrat" manager, for whom portfolio management is a very complex science, the understanding of which is only accessible to a small number of savvy insiders. For his clients, trust must be synonymous with faith. I didn't like that at all and our relationship was very brief.

I once met an "Institutional" manager, who operated within a large Canadian bank. He was concerned about creating a comfortable and secure environment for his clients, but was, unfortunately, not very successful. Taking notice of the sluggish performance this manager offered compared to others, I broke off the relationship after a few years.

I also once met a "Low Cost" manager, which focused primarily on minimizing management fees in order to optimize performance. I was satisfied with the return but when the sale of my company provided me with sufficient funds, a better alternative became available to me. I then met a "Geostrategic" manager.

Imagine that the different sectors of economic activity are lakes on which the investment funds are sailing ships. When favorable winds blow on some of these lakes, all the yachts in good condition benefit from the winds and progress rapidly. This is essentially the purpose of a "Geostrategic" manager: to anticipate which "economic" lakes will soon know favorable winds and invest in their quality sailing boats. This strategy works well insofar as the manager has the skills, the means and the flair to anticipate the evolution of the markets and know how to take advantage of them.

Mr. Dalpé is a Geostrategic manager. I got to know him about ten years ago through a long-time friend whose parents had already been using his services with satisfaction for many years.

Mr. Dalpé is a true aficionado of information with an economic impact, be it geopolitical, technological, demographic or else. He devours huge amounts of it. This thirst for knowledge allows him to form a very enlightened opinion on the state of the markets and their evolution in both the short and medium terms. It is this knowledge that guides his investment strategy. Measured over an extensive period of time now, the return on my investments with Mr. Dalpé significantly exceeds those I have obtained with all the other managers I have known. I also appreciate the fact that Mr. Dalpé shares with us, his clients, a moderate but significant subset of the information he consumes. This allows us to better understand his investment choices. I also appreciate the professionalism and stability of his team.” [Translated from French]

Jean Régnier

Technology Entrepreneur

“Why are our financial assets managed by the Group? Three words can answer this question: Trust, Transparency and Respect.

Trust: Over 20 years ago, following the recommendations of one of our acquaintances, my wife and I decided to entrust the management of our assets to Marc Dalpé’s team. Right from the get-go, Marc has won our trust. His straight talk, his knowledge and his methodical analysis of financial markets were already a first milestone to develop over all these years a trust in the man and his team. Marc has never made any promises of return, nor has he ever belittled his competitors. No, he lets his results speak for themselves. Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. We still trust them.

Transparency: The management systems used by the team allow us to know all the details about our investments at all time. There have never been any surprises. We always know of any changes in our portfolio and the reasons behind those changes. Furthermore, management fees are always visible and are explained simply and without ambiguity. Transparency is also being able to reach Marc or a member of his team at any time. Marc takes the time to meet with us in person once or twice a year, to review our portfolio and update us on the markets.

Respect: Whether you are a knowledgeable investor or a neophyte, a safer investor or an aggressive one, Marc always treats everyone with the utmost respect. He takes the time to answer all questions and knows how to reassure his clients when the markets are unstable or fluctuating heavily. No matter the size of your investments, they give the same attention and dedication to all their clients.” [Translated from French]

Bruce Tremblay and Andrée Tremblay

Retired engineer and administrator

“Over the course of about thirty years, I had the occasion to work with many firms and investment advisers. I have been through multiple market and economic cycles and have learned, sometimes at my own expense, of the importance of a portfolio managing team. Trust is essential and is built on different factors. On this matter, experience is what differentiates good grain from ryegrass.


My relationship with the team started with a deep discussion with Marc Dalpé, in another life. This meeting was decisive because as a chief of investment strategy, he clearly showed me:


  1. His comprehension of the market and his strategy for the development and growth of a portfolio
  2. The importance of only managing one portfolio, the same for him and his clients
  3. The necessity of thinking long-term in the interest of his clients
  4. His availability to give information and answer questions clearly
  5. His engagement to systematically inform his clients of all movements in their portfolio
  6. And, above all, his passion for his job and his dedication to the satisfaction of each client.


The entire team shares those values and engagements, and, over the years, the quality and diversity of their services has increased, always working with honesty and transparency, even during uncertain times like the current pandemic. The 7:10am emails every morning are also apart of those services that are precious and appreciated.” [Translated from French]

Daniel Granger

Communications and Public Relations Consultant

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