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Independence and performance are our watchwords

Dalpé Wealth Partners is part of National Bank Financial – Wealth Management, whose network includes over 850 wealth advisors at almost 100 branches across Canada—from Victoria to Halifax.

Almost all our clients have 100% of their assets with us, and our investment performance over two decades places us among the top fund managers in Canada.

For Dalpé Wealth Partners, being principal financial advisor means that we go far beyond traditional wealth management and private management. Building this relationship of trust and thorough understanding of our clients' needs allows us to offer value-added services at no additional cost that facilitate the effective implementation of financial planning covering all stages of our clients' lives.

A long-term vision

The goal of most investors is to maximize their savings to maintain a consistent lifestyle before and after retirement. The worst apprehension of retirees is lacking money. According to a recent Allianz Life study, 61% of North Americans are more worried about outliving their assets than they are of dying. Dalpé Wealth Partners mission is to advise and equip its clients to prevent this from happening.

Professional, first and foremost

Every day, we recognize ourselves, without false modesty, in what makes the difference between amateurs and us, to the great benefit of our clients who benefit from Dalpé Wealth Partners superior professional services.

In addition to our professionalism, our clients value the quality and stability of our client relationships based on independent advice, which contrasts with today’s financial sector’s aseptic sales-oriented client service.

Dalpé Wealth Partners success for more than two decades does not stem from good sales pitch and attractive brochures, but from its relentless commitment to meeting promises made to clients. Our clients’ testimonials testify to our dedication working towards aligning expectations and results, year after year. We invite you to visit Dalpé Wealth Partners Clients Testimonials section, with the firm belief that some of them will resonate with you.


  • have a goal
  • highlight isolated performances
  • give up at the sight of difficulty and discredit unsatisfactory results
  • look for their weaknesses and try to alleviate them
  • believe that knowledge is power
  • need to be right
  • focus on the short term
  • blame others
  • lack consistency
  • go fast
  • want the earth to spin their way


  • establish a process
  • value consistency
  • see challenges as a necessary step towards growth and achievement
  • focus on their strengths and seek to surround themselves with people who complete them
  • share wisdom and advice with others
  • seek to achieve the best results
  • focus on the long term
  • accept their responsibilities
  • show up every day
  • go far
  • realize that they must work with the world as it is

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