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Focused on a collective goal - building and securing our client's wealth

Effective solutions designed to meet your needs

Binoculars, compass, roadmaps

Experience and knowledge build an investment portfolio; working together we build your wealth. 

Using a blend of active and passive investment styles, your portfolio will be a reflection of you; based on your comfort level, timeframe, needs and goals. 

Different assets have different strengths - by combining investments in a thoughtful and process-driven method, we seek to build risk-aware portfolios that satisfy both income and growth needs. 

The Advice For Life program developed by National Bank Financial, is designed to meet the complex planning needs of our clients.

When combined with our Advice Suite planning and projection software, we can deliver customized wealth management plans that can help  you grow, protect and keep more of your hard-earned money. 

National Bank specialists work closely with our clients to deliver personal and corporate banking and credit solutions. With competitive rates and personal service, our clients receive the attention they deserve.  

Keeping more of what you have saved is an important and all too often over-looked aspect of wealth management. By understanding you and forecasting future values, we can recommend strategies and solutions to reduce the impact of taxes and ease the administration of your estate. 

Many clients are interested to leave a long-lasting charitable legacy to causes that are important to them and their family.

National Bank Financial offers a charitable giving program that can provide a lasting, cost effective financial legacy to your important causes. 

Simplifying your life

We strive each day to ensure our hard work is aligned with our client's values and goals. We want to deliver the best and most sensible advice and solutions to help manage your wealth today and for the future. 

Thinking about money and your financial future can be over-whelming. We want to eliminate the worry and replace it with a clear plan backed by an excellent client experience.  

Complete wealth management

Our approach

The magic is not in the steps, because they're quite apparent, but rather in the consistent delivery of a service that continually monitors and manages your wealth towards your goals and dreams. 

By taking the time to understand you, we can begin to collaborate on what's important and when. From there we design your wealth plan using our Advice For Life program. 

Once there is shared agreement, we can begin to implement and monitor your plan and keep you up to date on progress. 

Does your current advisor deliver the following? 

  • Focus on you - both now and about your long-term goals
  • Schedule regular update meetings 
  • Keep you up to date with frequent communication by email and phone
  • Provide you with transparent fees and costs
  • Offer goals-based advice and planning
  • Address current and future taxes
  • Ask that you have up to date Wills and Powers of Attorney 

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Our team members are ready to listen and answer your questions. Please contact us - we look forward to speaking with you. 


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