Portfolio Management

Your Wealth. Our Expertise. A Brighter Financial Future.

It’s our belief that the person who knows you best is you, so our portfolios are based on your unique financial goals, how long you want to invest, your tolerance for risk, and your values. 

How We Perform

When starting a portfolio with Birdsall Wealth Management Group, you gain access to a broad range of investment opportunities. From new issues of stocks, bonds, preferred shares, and convertible debentures, to discretionary account management and access to institutional pension managers, we give you the guidance and the options to build the future you want.

We recognize that situations change, so we are always monitoring and ready to make changes and rebalances when you need them. Because trust is paramount to us and we are proud of our work, we send regular performance reports that are easy to understand and let you know exactly how your investments are doing. With full transparency of costs, we want you to see the big picture. 

Why Choose Portfolio Management? 

Designed to meet your individual needs.

An actively monitored portfolio to adjust.

Stress free investing by trusted professionals.

We diversify your investments to reduce risk and enhance returns.

Our Process

Initial consultation

Investment selection

Regular reporting

Asset allocation

Continuous monitoring

Periodic rebalancing

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