Embracing the Next Chapter: An Interview with Senior Advisor, Jane Alm on Retirement 

June 30, 2024 / Insight from Jane Alm, Senior Wealth Advisor

After an impressive 46-year career as a financial advisor, Jane Alm is beginning a new journey: retirement. In a heartfelt interview with Advisor Ksenia Lee, Jane shared her thought process behind this decision, reflecting on her long and successful career while offering valuable advice for others considering a similar path.  

The Decision to Retire 

When asked about her decision to retire, Jane revealed that it was a process years in the making. "Five years ago, I started looking at the future," she explained. "I needed to see a team in place that I felt comfortable with, who had the passion and desire to drive the company and industry forward." With the right team assembled, Jane felt confident that the business she had grown with was in capable hands. "A couple of years ago, I saw we were ready. The amazing group of individuals in place are more than prepared to take over." 

Mixed Emotions 
Jane described her retirement decision as "bittersweet," likening it to "sending off your child." She admitted to many tears, thoughts, and moments of self-questioning. However, she ultimately feels happy and at peace with her decision. 

Initial Advice for Those Considering Retirement 
Jane offered insights for those nearing retirement, emphasizing three key steps: 

  1. Assess Your Team: "The first place to begin is to look at your team around you," Jane advised. "Think about things as a third party—someone outside looking in. Whether you have the right pieces in place or not."
  2. Prepare to Relinquish Control: "Most business owners like control, so you need to put yourself in a position to be prepared to give up control to someone else," she noted. "Understand they will make decisions that you may not agree with. It is their business to take forward, so you have to be prepared to accept that."
  3. Plan for Your Future: "Consider what you will do when you have more time. What does that look like? What are some passion projects you may have? You need something to get you up in the morning." Jane mentioned some of her interests are continuing education in wine, teaching youth about financial literacy, family, golf, reading, travel, and to try new things like snowshoeing, and tai chi as ways she plans to stay busy.

Reflecting on the Industry 
Reflecting on her long career, Jane mentioned the technological advancements she witnessed. "Forty-six years ago, there was no internet, no computers," she recalled. "The industry has evolved from manual to digital, and from transactional to relationships."  

Parting Wisdom 
Jane attributes her longevity in the industry to her curiosity and genuine care for people. "Curiosity kept me going—curious about how things work, causes and effects, and how people think and feel," she said. Her advice to her younger self and to newcomers is to be courageous, authentic, and caring. "Find a mentor that will not be judgmental, one that will listen to your passions to help you attain your goals." 

As Jane looks forward to her remaining time before retirement, she expresses a mix of anxiety and excitement. "I do care about everyone around me—my team, my clients. I know they will be well looked after, but I will miss the day-to-day contact. However, I am very excited to watch everyone grow into their new roles." 

A Legacy of Passion and Dedication 
"It has been such an honour to work in this industry, to be one of the first women in this field, and to have the career I've had," Jane concluded. Her journey is a testament to the power of dedication, curiosity, and genuine care for others. 

Key Takeaway 
Starting your retirement journey begins with assessing your team, preparing to give up control, and planning for your future passions. These steps can help ease the transition and ensure a fulfilling retirement.

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