Annual Fees and Compensation Report

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The Annual Fees and Compensation Report summarizes the amounts paid during the year for all advisory and other services you received. It includes fees paid directly and indirectly (through a third party). A portion of these amounts is paid to your advisor as compensation. The rest is retained by our firm to manage your account and provide administrative support.

Exemple d'un rapport annuel des frais et de la rémunération
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Account Identification

Identifies the account covered by the report and its currency.

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Administrative Fees

Administrative fees for your account are broken down into subcategories. These fees are not necessarily related to trading. The applicable fee schedule is sent to you each year along with your portfolio statement.

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This section lists commissions for buy and sell transactions.

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Fee-Based Services

These amounts represent the predetermined fees for managing your account under a specific mandate or a program with benefits. They are based on your service agreement.

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Third Party Remuneration

Third party remuneration refers to commissions paid to our firm for the investments held in your account. These amounts may include:

  • Compensation paid by the issuer for the purchase of investment products with a back-end load
  • Trailing commissions paid for the ongoing maintenance of the positions in your account
  • Commissions related to purchasing new issues of securities
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General Information

More information to help you understand certain aspects of the report.

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