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Personalize your account 


Welcome to this video on How to personalize your profile and choose your connection preferences on the National Bank Financial Online Services platform.

First of all, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner to access the Profile and Preferences section.

This section allows you to take several actions such as changing your password, modifying your security questions, managing your e-mail addresses to receive notifications, choosing the delivery method to receive your documents and completing your user agreements. To learn more about these topics, please consult our other videos.

Now, let's see how to customize your profile using the following 3 functions: Rename your roots; Choose your favourite home page and; Determine your default accounts. 

By clicking on Accounts, you will be able to see the roots associated with your user code. This section allows you to rename your roots and quickly differentiate them according to your favourite method.

Then click on the Pencil icon. Choose the name you wish to give to your root and type it in the space dedicated to this purpose, just like this, then click on OK. 

You will also notice that if you have more than one root, you can change the order in which the accounts associated with your user code are displayed across the platform by holding down your left click and repositioning your root. 

Now close the Profile and Preferences page by clicking on the X in the upper right corner. You can see that the label has been added according to your instructions. If you had changed the display order of your accounts, you would also have seen this change apply. 

Let's go back to the Profile and Preferences section and see how to choose your favourite home page and determine which accounts you would like to see when you log in to your Online Services. 

First, click on Login Preferences. 

From the drop-down menu in the Choose your home page section, select the page of your choice, just like this. By choosing Holdings as your preferred page, you will now fall on this page when you log in to the platform. 

Now, let’s change the default accounts also from the Login Preferences section. This time, it's in the drop-down menu of the Default account(s) at login that you have to make your choice. For example, you can choose to see only your accounts in US currency. By selecting this set of accounts, they will be preselected each time you log in. 

By logging in to the platform again, you can see that the home page is now the Holdings page, that three accounts are pre-selected in My Personal View and that these are the 3 US currency accounts in this profile.

This concludes the video on How to customize your profile and choose your connection preferences for the National Bank Financial Online Services platform.