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Online documents service


Hi and welcome to this information capsule. 

Now let’s see how to enroll in our Online document service and consult the various documents together.

To start off, you need to click on the following icon and go to the Profile and Preferences section to confirm your desired delivery mode. 

By clicking on Documents, you will have the opportunity to choose to receive everything online through your brokerage account or by mail.

If you wish, you can also specify which documents you prefer to receive electronically by selecting your preferences. 

It is important to mention that to benefit from our reduce pricing, the chosen delivery method of all documents must be online. In addition, please note that the delivery preferences for your tax slips can only be changed to paper after the tax season. 

To receive notification that a new document is available, you must click on the following icon. 

You will then be able to indicate the email address to which you wish to receive the notifications. 

Once your address is saved, you must return to the document section to activate the notification just like this.

Now let’s see how to consult all the different documents. 

In the Documents section, you will find 5 tabs indicating portfolio statements, the trade confirmations, the tax slips, the fund facts and the communications. 

In the first 3 sections, filters are available to help you quickly find the document you are looking for. 

For example, in the portfolio statement section, you will be able to choose the desired account to consult and, by clicking on filters, you will have the option of choosing the portfolio statement or the annual report on a specific date. 

By clicking on the document, you will be able to download, view it, print it or save it to your computer. Note that from the day you opt for the electronic documents, these will be kept for a period of 7 years.

For trade confirmations, the filter differs somewhat. You can change the default period of 3 months, choose the type of operation, the market on which the transaction took place, the type of product traded and the symbol in question if necessary. You will then be able to view the document. 

The last section offering filters is the Tax slips. To consult them, you can select this specific type of document from the drop-down menu, then specify the fiscal year required and then download the document. 

For additional question do not hesitate to contact us.