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First login and password reset 


Hello and welcome to this informative capsule. 

With this guide, your first connection and resetting your password will have never been easier. 

First of all, go to the National Bank Financial site at and click on Client Access.

Here, 4 features that are available to you. 

The first one allows you to select the language of your choice by clicking on Français or English. 

The second one is for clients who wish to subscribe to Online Services for the first time. Please note that only clients with an individual account can register by clicking on Start here. The others will have to contact the Technical Support team at 1-888-751-1220 or 514-871-2470. 

The third one allows clients that have already registered for Online Services to access their accounts using their user code and password.

The fourth and final feature is only available to clients with individual accounts who wish to reset their passwords by clicking on Forgot your password? Again, the other clients will have to contact the Technical Support team by phone.

Let's take a look at the steps to follow when you first log in.              

Click on Start here.

You will need to fill out the following 6 fields on the screen:

  • The first 6 characters of your account number. 
  • A valid email address of your choice.
  • Your first and last name as you registered when you opened your account.
  • The middle 3 characters of your Social Insurance Number.
  • Finally, your date of birth. You must use the calendar to select it. This tool has two arrows that allow you to choose a date earlier or later than the default choice. 

When finished, click Next.

Now set your password. It must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Contain between 12 and 25 characters.
  • Include at least one number.
  • Include at least one lowercase letter.
  • Does not contain any special characters.

Also note that it is case sensitive and that for security reasons, no personal information should be used in the alphanumeric sequence. 

If necessary, the eye allows you to check if your password has been entered correctly. Click Next.

To set up your security questions and answers, use the Select a question drop-down menu, answer three questions and click Next.

It is important to remember the answers, as these secret questions allow online password resets.

In order to access your investment portfolio, you will need to read and accept the User Agreement. 

Click on Consult and accept agreement, then click on I agree and finally click on Next.

Let's choose the delivery preference for all your electronic documents. You can receive your documents by mail or online. 

By choosing the Online option, you will benefit from a secure access to your electronic documents, available at all times. Please note that the documents will be stored for a period of 7 years. 

It is important to mention that to benefit from the reduced rate, all documents must be delivered electronically. In addition, please note that the delivery preference for your tax slips can only be changed to paper after the tax period.

To receive notification that a new document is available, you must click on the following icon. 

Click on the Pencil symbol. You will then be able to indicate the email address to which you wish to receive the notifications.

Enter a notification email address. For an example, and click on the Save tab.

Once your address is saved, you must activate the notification just like this. 

Select the Send email notifications check box.

You are now ready to log in with your User ID.

Normally here you should be redirected to the login page.

Don't forget that you can click on Forgot your password? to reset it. 

You will need your User ID, date of birth and the 3 middle characters of your Social Insurance Number. Once you have filled in the spaces, check the I am not a robot box and click Continue.

It is possible that a window will open and offer you a CAPTCHA test. This test helps identifying users who are real human beings and those who are computer programs. If this is the case, complete the proposed test, then continue.

At this stage, you will be asked one of the security questions that you previously saved in your profile. Answer the question and then choose your new password. The process is complete when the message "Your password has been changed. It will be effective the next time you log in." appears on the screen.