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Our expertise is second to none. We will give you peace of mind with our comprehensive financial planning platform, personalized solutions and exceptional service.

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Our specialty: Making it easier for you to manage your finances, no matter what your needs, goals or situation are. 

Our wide range of services allows us to tailor our recommendations to each profile and work together to find the best solution for you.

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Our team believes being patient and acquiring high-quality investments are the keys to long-term financial success. Our approach is aligned with National Bank Financial - Wealth Management's commitment to meeting all of our clients' needs. 

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Whether you are a client or a prospect, and whatever your financial management needs, we are here to offer you personalized support. 

Our team is dedicated to contributing to your financial success. We'll find solutions to help you achieve your goals. 

Our Approach

Today more than ever the complexity of wealth management makes managing your hard earned wealth a difficult and complicated endeavor. The more you own, the more you achieve, the more complex life often becomes.  Success in life can quickly lead to more complexity with more choices and more decisions.  It can become overwhelming and all consuming.

We strive to help simplify things for our clients. Through the vast array of resources available to us at National Bank Financial Wealth Management we provide our clients with access to integrated wealth management services and solutions, customized to the lifetime goals and requirements of your lifestyle, your family and your business.

We believe it is important to begin with your goals. Whether you are seeking to create, build or protect your wealth, our approach is to identify your gaps, risks and opportunities.

Our team can guide you through the ideas and services that are right for you. With an extensive range of services, we address wealth accumulation, wealth management and preservation, credit solutions, risk management and estate planning.

Together with our in-house team of experts and specialized partners, our approach is to analyze your portfolio, coordinate your existing holdings and design a customized strategy in alignment with your goals. That helps us to identify the right solutions for you at the right time.

We will work directly with your own personal team of advisors to ensure a fully integrated financial plan.

Our team can provide the ongoing management, monitoring and updates to keep you comfortable, confident and liberated. 

One of the greatest compliments we consistently receive from our clients is that when they know their wealth management needs are being looked after by the Yanke Wealth Management Group they have the peace of mind that allows them to enjoy their lives.

Safety and Stability

Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF)

National Bank Financial Inc. and Ltd are members of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. CIPF is an organization that provides clients of member institutions with limited asset protection in the case of a member firm’s insolvency. A limit has been placed by CIPF on the coverage provided for a customer’s General Account, and each Separate Account after combination with other Separate Accounts (subject to eligibility) equal to $1 million on assets which may include cash, securities, and certain other investments.  For more information, visit http://www.cipf.ca

Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC)

National Bank Financial, Inc. and Ltd are members of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. IIROC is the national self-regulatory organization which oversees all investment dealers and trading activity on debt and equity marketplaces in Canada. Created in 2008 through the consolidation of the Investment Dealers Association of Canada and Market Regulation Services Inc., IIROC sets high quality regulatory and investment industry standards, protects investors and strengthens market integrity while maintaining efficient and competitive capital markets. To qualify as a member firm, an organization must meet stringent capital requirements, demonstrate an ability and willingness to conduct its business in a manner consistent with the by-laws, rules and regulations of the IIROC, and be subject to ongoing supervision. For more information, visit http://www.iiroc.ca/

Our Process

Our investment process begins with understanding you - your situation, your needs, your goals. With careful investment planning and customized portfolio design, we offer you the flexibility to select from diverse core and complementary investment strategies.

Your wealth advisor will work with you through four distinct phases.

We develop a full understanding of where you are at today and draw a map of where you’d like to be in the future.

Our team weighs your interests and objectives against various investment strategies to help you find the right fit for your portfolio.

Educate & Implement
We meet with you to go through our recommendations and ensure you are comfortable with the approach, the strategy and decisions.

Monitor & Review
Your wealth advisor will monitor and review your portfolio against the agreed upon objectives. We customize the level of detail and frequency of reporting to suit your preferences.

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