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Helping you achieve the life you’ve earned.

We have designed a comprehensive, proven, and repeatable process that delivers real results to you and your family. With a compelling passion for transparency in portfolio management, we are committed to delivering superior risk-adjusted returns.

Our team is family; quite literally. With two generations of family members working together in cohesion, we offer the apex in multi-generational family wealth management. Our deep-rooted understanding of families and their inter-workings from both a finance and personal standpoint have helped us create, maintain, and grow generational wealth for our clients.

Our Services

Verus Financial was cultivated from a compelling passion for transparency in portfolio management and the commitment to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.

We pride ourselves on providing a fully customized, independent, and discretionary investment solution centered around your families needs, projects, and dreams. For over 40 years, our diligent investment process and philosophy has allowed us to offer our clients the apex of portfolio management in Canada today.

Through our expertise in Financial Planning, Verus Financial at National Bank Financial has been able to provide individuals and families with peace of mind by building fully personalized and comprehensive wealth plans that can adapt to any dynamic. For over 40 years, we have helped deliver real results and provide financial clarity in a multitude of environments and circumstances.

With almost 50% of all marriages ending in divorce, getting the proper guidance and assistance is crucial. At Verus Financial, we have Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA) that are trained to help you understand and navigate through the financial impacts of divorce.

From simple day to day transactions, to large scale commercial financing, Verus Financial and our partners at National Bank of Canada have the expertise and resources to craft solutions centered around you, your family, and your business.

At Verus Financial, we understand the intricate tapestry of family dynamics and the significance of a successful family business. With our own legacy deeply rooted in family entrepreneurship, we bring a unique perspective that goes beyond traditional wealth management. Our firsthand experience in building and nurturing a thriving family business equips us to guide you in preserving and expanding your own wealth, ensuring a seamless transition across generations.

Philanthropy plays a key role in society and ensures the general well-being of the community in several sectors of activity. Funding and planning for major donations is an important strategic course of action. We have the expertise and services available to help support your philanthropic efforts while simultaneously ensuring your personal goals are met.

The goal of estate planning is to guarantee the protection of those closest to you, from the first moments when you can no longer ensure their well-being and look after their financial security.

Each plan we complete is unique and customized. It is designed to reflect your wishes and life choices. We understand how to translate your most important wishes into a tangible plan using strategies adapted to your situation.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today, and it didn’t happen by accident. Ensuring the protection of this hard work and wealth accumulation is paramount to us. Through our dedicated experts and team-based approach, we are able to offer you a comprehensive insurance plan and solution designed to meet your unique needs.

Preserving and growing your wealth requires having the right tax strategies in place. It’s a critical component of wealth management that can not be overlooked. Each individual, family, and business has unique tax situations that require customized planning and action. At Verus Financial, we have experienced in-house tax professionals who are able to collaborate with other experts to ensure your total wealth is optimized.

Our Portfolios

At Verus Financial, we understand that the world of investing is vast and complex, with endless opportunities in various asset classes. That's why we focus on identifying and bringing  together the most talented and unique investment managers, each with their own area of expertise. We work with a range of specialists across different asset classes, from fixed income to equities to alternatives, to ensure that our clients' portfolios are managed by experts in each field.

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  2. We work closely with the Taxation, Retirement and Estate Planning Team from National Bank Trust, made up of multidisciplinary experts who provide knowledge and advice that complement our service offering. These experts assist us in providing the best solutions for your personal finances related to taxation, retirement and estate planning.

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