Portfolio management

The benefits of doing business with a portfolio manager

A portfolio manager makes objective decisions in keeping with established guidelines so that you can benefit from market opportunities.

The flexibility to quickly adjust your portfolio to market conditions

Your portfolio manager can make immediate changes to your portfolio, without having to obtain your approval first. With financial information circulating at ever greater speed, it’s important for the manager to act quickly. A portfolio manager can make the decisions that are needed within minutes, enabling you to take advantage of market opportunities.

Complete transparency

Your portfolio manager will contact you on a regular basis and at your convenience to keep you informed of your portfolio performance and how your strategy is progressing. Discretionary management gives portfolio managers the freedom to act in their clients’ best interests without having to worry about transaction costs, as the pricing is fee-based. These monthly fees represent a fixed percentage of the value of your portfolio and change with it, increasing when its value goes up and decreasing when it goes down. Wealth advisors who manage portfolios are not compensated based on the number of transactions they carry out. Rather, they are compensated for their expertise, their judgment and the range of services they offer.

In addition, portfolio management fees from a non-registered and taxable account may generally be deducted from your income, in whole or in part.

Selection process to achieve an optimal portfolio

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