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March 23, 2021 by Jean Turpin

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By Jean Turpin, Portfolio Manager, Senior Vice-President

It is with not without a little nostalgia, but mostly with a lot of pride, that we are selling our last company in the fossil energy sector. Despite Enbridge still being a very good company, our desire to engage in an environmental shift takes precedence. As you know, we have been planning this change for some time but, knowing that you give us your money to make it grow, we could not orchestrate this shift without there being a financial incentive for all our clients.  

A win-win situation!

We are selling Enbridge to purchase a company - a renewable energy company! Recent meteorological events have affected the share price of some companies, which means we have managed to integrate some Innergex Renewable Energy securities at an attractive price in both the medium and long term.  

The work continues…

While we have done a major clear-out of securities directly involved in fossil energies, it would be dishonest not to mention the indirect involvement of some companies in the sector. For example, Couche-Tard (Circle K) draws a portion of its revenues from the sale of fuel for road transportation – an activity that will self-transform soon enough.  We are aware that other companies may be indirectly involved in this sector and we intend to continue this cleanup. Just as we did in the case of Enbridge , we will continue this shift in a socially and financially responsible way.

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