Wayne Bodenstab

Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager

As a Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager, Wayne knows that Family Wealth Management encompasses more than just saving for the future.  It involves Investment Planning, Estate Planning, and Customized Portfolio Management that involves multiple generations.  Having access to expertise and products is key to successful multi-generational planning.

Wayne believes that life is for living.  Born and raised in South Africa, he maintains close ties with family members there as well as throughout North America and Bermuda.  He enjoys traveling to spend time with them.  Wayne, his wife Raschelle and their twins, Teryk and Danyka lead an active life and enjoy water skiing, golf and other outdoor pursuits at the family cabin.  He is passionate about flying and maintains his private pilot license. 

Wayne believes that to be truly successful, a financial plan must be realistic, balancing the very real needs of the future with the natural human desire to live in the moment.