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Our expertise is second to none. We will give you peace of mind with our comprehensive financial planning platform, personalized solutions and exceptional service.

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Our specialty: Making it easier for you to manage your finances, no matter what your needs, goals or situation are. 

Our wide range of services allows us to tailor our recommendations to each profile and work together to find the best solution for you.

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Our team believes being patient and acquiring high-quality investments are the keys to long-term financial success. Our approach is aligned with National Bank Financial - Wealth Management's commitment to meeting all of our clients' needs. 

Our approach

Whether you are a client or a prospect, and whatever your financial management needs, we are here to offer you personalized support. 

Our team is dedicated to contributing to your financial success. We'll find solutions to help you achieve your goals. 

Wealth Management

Wealth Management is more than just Portfolio Management.  We work to address and administer a full suite of wealth management solutions for our clients.  There's more to building wealth than investing money.  You also need to establish a thorough and realistic plan to accomplish your financial and personal objectives.

We are committed to advising you in all areas of your financial wealth.  Supported by a team of experts, we can provide integrated solutions for all your wealth management needs.

Products and Services

Several factors must be considered before selecting an investment solution or vehicle. We will help you choose the appropriate investment solution and ensure your assets are diversified according to:

  • your goals
  • your priorities
  • your investment horizon
  • your risk tolerance

National Bank Financial – Wealth Management is a full-service investment dealer. This means that, to help you reach your goals, our Team can draw on the full range of investment vehicles, including:

  • money market securities: short-term GICs, Treasury bills, etc.
  • fixed-income securities: longer-term GICs, bonds, strip coupons, preferred shares, etc.
  • equities: common shares, warrants, rights, etc.
  • structured products: principal-protected notes, etc.
  • mutual funds: discretionary portfolio management products


Regardless of your financial objectives and risk tolerance, we can provide you with a wide range of traditional investment offerings traded throughout the world.  We offer a comprehensive selection of managed portfolio and fee-based programs.

Whether you and your family are looking to assign all portfolio managment to a team of experts, benefit from advice while maintaining day-to-day decision-making authority, or combine your investments with banking services, we have a solution for you through our Ambassador, SEI and MyWealth fee-only portfolio programs.

Insurance and Estate Planning

A smart insurance strategy and well thought-out estate plan are essential for creating a legacy that will last, for your family and for generations to come.

We can assist you with finding the right insurance solutions and will work with you to create an estate plan that is custome designed to meet the needs of your family, your heirs, your business interests and you philanthropic considerations. 

*Insurance is done through NBF Financial Services a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank Financial, and it is not covered by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

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