Portfolio Strategy and Investment Profile



At The Durkin Dietz Group, we construct income producing and growth-oriented portfolios that are tailored to meet your lifestyle, benefit your values, and see your vision through. You have a story to tell and a legacy to live.

The future is important, but the present is just as crucial. The essence of our portfolios is focused on investments that not only promise compounding growth over time, but also present-day income generating elements. Our financial planning approach ensures your wealth is appreciating over time, while simultaneously paying you increasing dividends.

We know that losses hurt more than gains. With an institutional type thought process and extensive analysis, our strategies are executed with discipline and longevity in mind to create long-lasting wealth and are devoid of emotions and trends. Careful consideration of large economic and market conditions is embedded in every step of the investment process. A rigorous bottom-up, fundamental analysis is then applied to each asset along with carefully considered buy-and-sell ranges in order to minimize downside as much as possible. This renders an exceptional and strategically diversified portfolio that is then actively managed by consistently monitoring and rebalancing to make sure you're staying on track towards your goals.

By not being limited to proprietary products, you can be confident that your money works for you by having access to first-class assets and portfolio-enhancing tools including best-in-class third-party funds, separately managed accounts (SMA), and alternative investments.

Finally, we believe wealth preservation and growth should extend beyond a single generation. Our unique portfolio strategy takes into account intergenerational wealth transfer and an appropriate process is engrained to ensure your financial success is passed down and your legacy is long-lasting.

The Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is a crucial tool that is crafted during the initial stages of the investment process. It lays the foundation for your portfolio by giving us insight into your values, goals, vision, and your life. By gathering the necessary information, we can come to understand you more personally in order to tailor a strategic plan and portfolio that matches your lifestyle. Think of the IPS as the constitution that governs your portfolio by creating parameters that guide asset allocation, risk management, liquidity, taxation, and other factors, while simultaneously setting up standards of measure and frequency of reviews.  

Today’s realities were yesterday’s decisions. And today’s decisions, will be tomorrow’s realities.

At the Durkin-Dietz Group, we care deeply about the impact our investments can make. We believe that the investment decisions we make today, will have a direct impact and correlation with the world tomorrow. We want a better world, a safer world, and a world where individuals and their children can live their lives with integrity and dignity while paving the way towards a healthier and more enjoyable Earth. We understand that it’s an ongoing journey rather than a goal.

This is why, when constructing portfolios, we embed Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors and metrics to ensure that our portfolios are aligned with clients’ values in addition to our values.

Amongst the factors that we take seriously are:


  • Corruption
  • Taxation
  • Executive Pay
  • Diversity


  • Human Rights
  • Child Labor
  • Gender Equality
  • Social Equality
  • Working Conditions
  • Company Culture
  • Racial Equality
  • Diversification


  • Climate Change
  • Water, Land, and Air Pollution
  • Waste Accumulation
  • Resource Depletion
  • Deforestation 

  • Balanced Portfolios to buffer volatility
  • Invest in companies with a solid history and are growing their dividends
  • Guided by discipline and reason, not emotion or trends
  • Long-Term Perspective
  • Endeavor to buy the right company at the right price 

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