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The more we know, the more we can help

Bringing together a unique investment philosophy and a dedicated team of financial professionals

With an investment philsophy created by our Team's founder, you will find comfort in knowing you have a solid foundation built by Team Wood and the resources of National Bank Financial - Wealth Management.  

'Eat Where You Cook' Investment Philosophy

  • Kathy and her family personally own the equity investments recommended in client portfolios and we illustrate this fact by providing clients with a copy of the investment portfolio on an annual baisis.
  • We follow a tax-smart, buy and hold investment approach.
  • We implement long-term strategies that manage risk, provide diversification and help limit volatility in uncertain markets.
  • We are not market-timers, short-term traders and do not invest in speculative-type stocks.  
  • We believe the return of your capital is more important than the return earned on your capital.  We are content with more conservative rate of return objectives believing leaving a little on the upside helps protect from the downside.

Big Picture Financial Planning

In a nutshell, the more we know the more we can help.

Our approach requires an in-depth appreciation of your entire financial and investment picture including your relationship with money, unique needs, goals and dreams, and how these affect the people you care about most.

It takes into consideration managing risk, portfolio diversification & consolidation, tax saving strategies, RSP and RIF transition strategies, financial and estate planning issues, cash flow planning and working in conjunction with your tax and legal professionals to develop a plan that is right for your family.

This "brainstorming" provides our Team with an in-depth knowledge of your family's affairs and helps us identify opportunities or gaps in your current financial plan or as your life changes over time.

Our approach

Whether you are a client or a prospect, and whatever your financial management needs, we are here to offer you personalized support. 

You will build a one-on-one relationship with our Wealth Advisor, Kathy Wood.  We will work as a team to ensure your investment and financial ducks are in a row.

We are ready to work with your existing tax and legal professionals to ensure all facets of your financial team are on the same page.

If circumstances warrant, we will refer or bring experts from various divisions of National Bank Financial - Wealth Management to the table to provide guidance in areas of lending, advanced financial planning, estate and insurance planning.

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