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Team Leroux and Desharnais are a passionate family at your service. We are made up of recognized experts in finance and customer service, who help both individuals and businesses reach their goals.

Our team was co-founded in 1996 by Richard Leroux and Alain Desharnais, both seasoned advisors with over 25 years of experience in wealth management at National Bank Financial.

Richard Leroux, a founding member and true stock market enthusiast, is known for his rigorous management of portfolios and stock analysis experience.

Alain Desharnais cultivates and combines his expertise, remarkable integrity and outstanding professionalism when assisting clients’ wealth development.

Ariane Desharnais joined the family venture in 2017, alongside her father and uncle. She extends the spirit of rigour, availability, listening and advice, that characterises our team, in order to offer personalized financial solutions to our clients.

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Wealth Advisor

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English, French

Alain holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). He has worked in wealth management for over 25 years with National Bank Financial - Wealth Management, as part of the Leroux and Desharnais - a family team that he co-founded in 1996.

He is known for always being available to his clients, as well as for his ability to listen and advise them in order to offer them personalized solutions.

His rigour, professionalism and integrity have led Alain in recent years to sit on several boards of directors, including in the field of education.

Dynamic, sporty and driven by a strong team spirit, Alain is a great fan of sailing. When he's not on the water, you’ll find him in the glades of the Windigo trail in Mont-Tremblant after a snowstorm or alpine skiing.

Wealth Advisor

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English, French


A founding member of the Leroux and Desharnais family team in 1996, Richard has been working in the field of wealth management for over 30 years. His rigorous portfolio management and securities analysis experience is a major part of his experience.

Inspired by businessman and investor Warren Buffet, it is his passion for the stock market that has guided Richard throughout his career at National Bank Financial - Wealth Management. Also known for his administrative skills and his involvement in his community, Richard is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Domaine St-Bernard Trust in Mont-Tremblant.

Characterized by his leadership skills and great sportsmanship, he has instilled his passion for sailing into the team's brand image. On land, it is on a cross-country ski trail in Mont-Tremblant or in a triathlon competition is where you’ll usually meet Richard in his spare time.

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English, French

Ariane joined the team in 2017, keen to work alongside her father and uncle. She quickly distinguished herself with her rigorous planning and personalized approach to wealth management.

Ariane focusses on the personal touch with her clients, whom she guides with clarity and simplicity through their financial planning. She completed her bachelor's degree in business administration (B.A.A.), specializing in finance, at HEC Montréal.

Ariane is recognized for her social involvement and leadership in the business world. She is a member of the board of directors of the Gemini Foundation and the Fondation de l'Hôpital régional de Saint-Jérôme. She was also named President of the Quebec Businesswomen's Network in the Lower Laurentians region in 2020.

Enthusiastic and determined by nature, Ariane loves a challenge. Outside of work, it is at the Ironman competition in Mont-Tremblant or in the Bras-du-Nord Valley on a mountain bike trail where you’ll find Ariane.

Wealth Advisor

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English, French

Justin joined the team in 2023, after completing the Canadian Securities Course (CSC). He also holds a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering, and is a former project manager in that field, with an analytical and strategic mind, coupled with an empathetic approach, built around human contact.

Building a relationship of trust and advising while educating are the cornerstone of his approach to support his clients in managing their wealth.

Justin is particularly known for his propensity to take on any challenge! From completing a half-IRONMAN to scaling Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the Resources for Children with Diabetes Foundation, having a positive impact on the world around him while also striving to excel are vitally important to Justin.


A keen athlete, Justin also devotes his free time to nurturing his penchant for adventure and competition, whether skiing, cycling or walking, when he’s not on a mountain, on his skates or on a canoe-camping trip.

Louise Boudreau, B.A.A.

Wealth Associate

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English, French

Louise is responsible for client experience and administrative support. She joined the Leroux & Desharnais team with a solid background of over 25 years of experience at National Bank Financial.

With a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), specializing in finance and international trade which she completed at HEC Montréal, Louise stands out for her rigorous and methodical approach to her professional activity, as well as demonstrating dedication to clients.

Diligent and meticulous, with incredible patience, Louise devotes her free time to gardening and cultivating the flowers, which takes on the appearance of a veritable botanical garden during the summer. You can also catch her on the water in a kayak or immersed in a good book!

Diana Alvarado


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English, French, Spanish

Diana is responsible for client experience, accountant relations and administrative support to the team. She is a trilingual (French, English and Spanish) graduate with a college diploma in accounting and management, and is currently completing the Securities Course (CSC).

With over 10 years of experience in the client service field, Diana is known for her ability to work in a variety of contexts and communicate effectively with both our clients and business partners.

Diana is curious, dynamic and versatile, and particularly enjoys reading and playing badminton. In her spare time, you will probably come across her on a hiking trail.

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