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What's our approach?

We engage and understand so that our advice reflects what you want to accomplish.

What this means for you is that you can be sure that the strategies we put in place are personalized to you, your needs and your goals.


We combine our knowledge and resources to deliver trusted advice that turns your expectations into reality.

Deciding on our future can be a daunting task. We work together with our partners to provide you with support for all the decisions you will face in life. Having a team of experts for support means you can be reassured that your vision for your future is secure.


We design a personalized wealth management roadmap that includes investment, tax, estate, and financing strategies focused to achieve what matters to you.

Our strategies are personalized to your realities. It starts with a conversation about your vision and what would make you happy. We develop a strategy that fits your needs.


Receive advice that is proactive and thoughtful.

We are here when you need us. Our management process ensures that quality decisions are made in real-time rather than be postponed. I know you will appreciate this because it is important to you that concerns are addressed immediately, and you never have to look back with regret.

4 steps Process: Understand, Plan, Act and Monitor

What we do for our clients

We understand the importance of client service and are committed to taking the time to listen to your story. Our clients see us as trusted advisors that establish meaningful relationships through active listening. This is the opportunity to establish a plan for your lifelong dreams while uncovering any potential obstacles. You can take comfort knowing that a professional with a unique and valuable skill set is creating a personalized plan for you.

Silmser Wealth Management - Financial Planning

To finally be free to take on all the projects you have always dreamed about. It’s a wonderful and exciting feeling. No more busy schedules, rush-hour traffic, constant stress and running around all day. But exactly where should you begin? We are here to help guide you through this process by providing an easy to understand roadmap, so you are confident retirement will be rewarding and on your terms!

The investing landscape is constantly evolving. Take comfort knowing that you have experienced professionals advising you on how to protect and grow your wealth. We are proud to offer leading investment strategies that are tailored specifically for the specific needs of our clients. Our portfolios are built from the ground up, using a collaborative approach to form the base of your comprehensive plan.

You have worked hard for your wealth. Make sure your loved ones are taken care of. A full review of your estate and insurance strategy will be reviewed to make sure your family is protected and looked after in any situation.

We have exclusive access to personal banking services catered specifically to the needs of our clients. As an independent advisor acting as a fiduciary, we can provide sound financial advice for both sides of your balance sheet. We are committed to finding the best solution for you.

Building a strategy that minimizes the tax you owe is the foundation to a financially sound plan. Our holistic approach to tax planning ensures there are no surprises down the road and you’re not paying any more tax than you should be.

There are many factors that go into creating a sound and comprehensive strategy. The legal element is no exception. Although our core competency revolves around being your personal ‘financial coach’, we have the resources available to advise on many aspects relevant to your wellbeing. You will have peace of mind knowing all your questions have been answered and you have a strategy that is clear, concise and works for you.

What is our investment approach?

  • Our team-based approach gives us the opportunity to collaborate with different perspectives and experiences. This collaboration produces a fully customized strategy that is unique to every single client.
  • From the outset of our relationship, you will benefit from our support to help manage your assets and ensure your plan is executed properly.
  • Together, we will determine your objectives and your investor profile by looking at what you want to do with your money and your time horizon.
  • We will help to properly diversify your portfolio and identify solutions that correspond to your needs, objectives and risk tolerance.
  • By working with our team, you can be sure your wealth is being closely monitored. We will undertake regular rebalancing of your portfolio to ensure your objectives are continuously being met.

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