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Senior Wealth Advisor

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"I run my business like the companies I've run in the past. The client is always central, and we are tuned into the latest innovations in our field. This philosophy fosters a healthy team culture, and it's also a win for the shareholders. It also guides us in providing unparalleled service while building family wealth and changing our clients' lives for the better."

Inspired by – and a diligent student of – business icons from Warren Buffet and IBM’s Thomas Watson to Apple’s legendary Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Lorraine leads a hand-picked team of devoted professionals she mentors with one simple goal: to change clients’ lives for the better.

Her 40+ years of experience in the financial services industry, her passion and her lifelong commitment drive the Rumberg Group’s unrivaled investment management, wealth management and subsequent insight resulting in out-of-the-box thinking with industry leading client service.

Her quick wit and no-nonsense manner are a direct result of her diverse training typically working from the ground up in a diverse set of roles focused within the Financial industry. She started in her teens, updating bank customer passbooks by hand and then helping the bank convert to computers. Attuned to innovation, she also convinced a Canadian bank president to start an Executive Lending Group that morphed into the first Private Banking program.

As the banks moved into the brokerage business in the eighties, she moved to a full-service brokerage division, as a wealth advisor providing a full suite of investment and wealth-management unheard of service that would not surface among the financial institutions until 2000.  She was so successful that, she was recruited to lead turnarounds at three separate financial institutions. Her comprehensive experience with literally every division has given her a ‘hands on’ understanding of how our financial institutions operate.

After seven years of leading turnarounds at financial institutions, she was very troubled that she could not find a wealth advisor with the passion, work ethic and integrity to deliver the investment management, tax planning strategies, retirement and estate planning that she wanted for her family.

Reasoning that there were other people in the same quandary, she chose to be that advisor herself. Today, she spends the majority of her time leveraging the latest technologies to execute her unique hands-on money management style, beginning each day at 5am or earlier, with a review of more than 50 information feeds that alert her and her hand-picked team to information and new trends across the financial spectrum. These include but are not limited to everything from snowbird issues to how to transfer wealth to children and, ongoing changes in tax strategy.

"For the most part, my clients mirror my family.  We started with zero or very little, worked hard to build our wealth which we had no intention of losing, and used tax efficient strategies to maximize our income."

Backed by the extensive resources of National Bank, the country’s sixth largest commercial bank, Lorraine and the Rumberg Group focus on putting the needs of the client first; understanding their lifestyle, family, sensitivities, income potential and financial goals. With this in-depth analysis they set realistic investment objectives with the simple, straight forward team objective of meeting and ideally exceeding expectations at every possible touch point.

Requiring maestro-level time management skill, she strives to lead a balanced life that includes mentoring younger professionals, philanthropic work in her communities, and, most important, being a wife to Ken, mother to Vincent, and active with her family and friends. 

Wealth Advisor

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Daniel’s key responsibilities include:

Wealth Management:  Working in step with Lorraine, and our industry-leading resources at NBF, Daniel prepares financial planning strategies we’ve identified for our clients which include insurance  We provide understandable solutions which are key to providing protection for your family, business succession planning, insuring your mortgage, and for transferring your wealth down to the generations of your family in a tax efficient manner. 

Investment Management:  He conducts Quarterly Review calls with our clients, discussing the client’s key investment management points: Asset allocation, rates of return (compared to target rate of return established in the Financial Plan), and portfolio recommendations.  Daniel is an intuitive listener and will identify and respond to key needs from the discussion which prompt attention to our client’s array of lifestyle needs, including their retirement and estate plan, tax savings opportunities, and their overall family’s needs. 

Meeting prospective clients, assessing the fit for both the client and for our Group.

He is currently enrolled in the Wealth Management Essentials Course, and, the Derivatives Fundamentals and Options Course.

An impeccable work ethic and deep dedication to his clients are part of Daniel’s DNA. Thanks to his nurse mother and his doctor dad – the only surgeon within a three-hour radius of his rural Mexico practice – he learned early the values of hard work and putting clients first. He can well remember family vacations being interrupted by the needs of Dad’s patients. Those early experiences were reinforced when, at just 15 years of age and with some reluctance, Daniel left his close-knit family to learn English in small-town northern Manitoba. But the planned one-year adventure stretched to three as Daniel applied his quick mind and can-do spirit to absorbing a new culture and language, sharing the values of his warm and welcoming host family while finishing high school.

The global financial crisis of 2008 proved a watershed moment for Daniel, hitting while he was studying economics and finance at the University of Manitoba. Deeply affected by the many stories of individuals devastated by the disruption, he saw a clear path forward: to help people be financially secure, just as his parents had worked so hard to help their patients stay healthy.

After getting his degree, he set out on that path and, being accustomed to adapting to new situations, explored a variety of sectors in the financial industry, from banking to commercial insurance, eventually moving to Vancouver to escape the harsh Manitoba winters.

He brings that cutting-edge experience earned over almost 10 years to our clients at The Rumberg Group. Guided by the strong family values that shaped him, he also has the unique perspective of someone raised in a developing country where financial uncertainty places enormous stresses on individuals and families. Above all, he is driven to offer clients one-of-a-kind solutions with world-class service to enable them to meet their goals and aspirations.

Daniel strives to keep balance in his life, taking every opportunity to hike, paddle board, snowboard, kayak, and ATV.  He also enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and having his dog Pepe in his life.

Susan King

Senior Wealth Associate

Eddie Leung

Wealth Associate

Vincent Rumberg


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'All Things Technology’

Vincent has a unique role, rarely performed on the front-line of the financial industry.  His full-time focus is on managing the data and technology to ensure the Rumberg Group team is fully informed on all critical aspects of the clients we serve. Our Group prides itself on using leading-edge technology to provide our services to the absolute best of our abilities, to which he is the cornerstone.  Our practice is entirely digitized, with all our staff capable of working at a highly efficient pace, both at our workplace and remotely.  The financial industry is an evolving platform of technology, including unprecedented volumes of data and myriads of hardware and software programs that support the Rumberg Group’s drive to deliver a deep, personalized service plan to our clients.

Street smarts.  Detail-oriented.  Not afraid of discovery.  Empathetic.  Mentally flexible.  Unflappable.

Those are just a few of the words that describe Vincent Rumberg, who brings a wide range of work and life experience to the finance industry.  As a young man with an artistic bent, Vincent was drawn to working with his hands in trades where, for instance, he could satisfy his creative impulse as a landscaper while playing in a rock band on the side.  Several years in an auto body shop as a detailer and glass technician honed his skills at paying attention to detail and his commitment to the adage that if you care to do a thing, do it right.

Vincent also learned from seeing a slice of life most people rarely think about, let alone see when he worked as a disaster restoration specialist, leading a team who worked long hours in often harsh conditions.  It was a crash course in handling adversity and unusual situations, managing colleagues and learning how to support people who were at the lowest point in their lives.

Always eager to discover, Vincent took extra courses on the side to prepare him for his career in the wealth management space.  He has now focused his attention to detail and passion for learning in this fast-evolving industry, where he is adding his real-world experience, pragmatic outlook, and unique perspective on the needs of ordinary Canadians to the unmatched expertise of The Rumberg Group.

Outside of work, Vincent is an avid gamer, from tabletop board games, role playing, war games, to gaming on his PC.  His passionate interest in 3D printing involves all forms of additive manufacturing, and computer science.  Over the years, his involvement with electronic music festivals keeps him current on the latest hardware and software to make that happen.  Hiking, rock climbing, paintball and airsoft keep him fit, and, in touch with his friends and family.  As a talented artist from a very early age, his interest spans the whole art spectrum and its many forms.

Marcus Ference

Wealth Associate

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