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Grow your wealth and align your purpose

Our advice lives at the intersection of your lifestyle, loved ones and values.

Smart accumulation will leave you rich with options, so we start there — managing your savings efficiently and minimizing your tax losses. There’s a lot that can be done to hold on to the fruits of your labour.

With a tailored plan and a holistic perspective, we’ll define what you’ll need to maintain your lifestyle and realize your goals, and we’ll engage techniques that consolidate and unbind your wealth.

As a fiduciary, we’re bound ethically and legally to put your interests first. You’ll never have to question the reasons for our advice, and we’ll always be transparent about your choices.

Products & Services

An illustration of a target to represent choosing the best financial solution.

Several factors must be considered before selecting an investment solution or vehicle. We will help you choose the appropriate investment solution and ensure your assets are diversified according to your goals, your priorities, your investment horizon, and your risk tolerance.

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We are a full-service investment dealer meaning we can help you reach your goals by drawing on the full range of investment vehicles, including: 

  • money market securities short-term GICs, Treasury bills, etc.
  • fixed-income securities longer-term GICs, bonds, strip coupons, preferred shares, etc.
  • equities common shares, warrants, rights
  • derivatives options, futures
  • structured products principal-protected notes
  • mutual funds
  • discretionary portfolio management products
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Our services can be tailored to your degree of knowledge and comfort with investing.  Management of your portfolio can be delegated, in whole or in part, or you can play an active role. We’ll help you meet these demands and proactively pursue the future you want.

These services are offered by third party specialists. 1, 2, 3


  • Have a qualified professional manage your investment portfolio.
  • Strike a balance between risk and reward.
  • Enjoy a flexible solution that stays true to your goals.

Main benefits

  • Have a clear plan to achieve your goals.
  • Be able to react to the unexpected.
  • Achieve the maximum benefits of diversification.

These services are offered by third party specialists. 



  • A document outlining your short- and long-term financial goals and the strategies you will use to reach them.
  • The plan reflects your personal and family situation, your risk tolerance and future expectations, and includes effective tax strategies.


Main benefits

  • Your finances will be in good hands.
  • You will enjoy greater peace of mind.
  • You will be able to prioritize your projects and make informed decisions.

These services are offered by third party specialists. 1


  • Document how you want your assets to be distributed after your death.
  • Prevent any misunderstandings among your heirs.
  • Plan for any situation.


Main benefits

  • You will be protected in case of incapacity.
  • Your assets will be transferred without conflict.
  • Your wishes will be respected.
  • You will minimize the tax burden on your estate.

These services are offered by third party specialists.2


  • It is the development of financial strategies to reduce the impact of taxes on your investments.
  • Proposing customized recommendations based on an analysis of your situation and your portfolio.
  • It's about doing more with the same money by optimizing your portfolio.


Main benefits

  • More money to invest or spend.
  • More freedom to achieve your goals.
  • Make tax-efficient investments.

These services are offered by third party specialists.2



  • These solutions will ensure your family's financial future should anything happen to you.
  • They serve as a cushion to protect you from the unexpected.
  • They will help keep your family's plans on track.


Main benefits

  • Enjoy a safety net, even if you are not working.
  • Transfer your assets and protect your legacy.
  • Have peace of mind so you can be at ease.

These services are offered by third party collaborators.3

As a National Bank Financial—Wealth Management client, you can take care of all your banking in one place:

  • Everyday transactions
  • Financing
  • Specific needs

Main benefits

  • Savings on certain banking solutions.
  • Healthcare and legal virtual assistance services.
  • Competitive interest rates.

Do you want to give back to the community? Let our team guide you in designing a philanthropic plan.

  • Setting up a foundation
  • Distribution of donations
  • Bequests in a will

Investment Solutions

Financial markets offer individual investors enormous growth potential. However, they tend to be complex and require a considerable commitment of time.

That’s why a growing number of individuals are entrusting the daily management of their investments to professional managers who make thoughtful decisions for their clients – without having to consult them each time – and report regularly on how their investments are performing. There are many advantages to this discretionary approach.

Whenever you invest assets in a National Bank Financial Basket, that part of your portfolio is under discretionary management, and is administered in your best interests by reputable managers. Still, you’ve probably never met these managers.

Which is where the Advisor Basket comes in. It eliminates the distance between you and the person managing your money, bringing him or her into real contact with your personal situation. In short, it puts a human face on discretionary management. A face you recognize. Because when you choose an Advisor Basket, your investments are managed by the person you know best: your own Wealth Advisor.

It is not always easy to find straightforward, personalized advice on managing your wealth with clearly identified management fees. Our myWEALTH program offers exactly that! It also enables your advisor to incorporate every aspect of wealth management into a comprehensive service offering.

This program replaces the conventional per-transaction, commission-basedway of paying for advice and transaction execution with a fee schedule using a predetermined rate that is transparent, predictable and tailored to yourspecific needs.

You can choose from two approaches:

  • myWEALTH - Advisory: We supply unbiased advice and make recommendations on managing your wealth and then implement the decisions you ultimately make. 
  • myWEALTH - Managed: You give a mandate to your professional portfolio manager who, in line with your investor profile, restrictions, constraints and investment objectives, will handle all of the necessary decisions involved in the day-to-day management of your portfolio on your behalf.

Wealth Protection

Insurance can help protect your family from the unexpected and maximize your estate for the enjoyment of your heirs. Working with NBF Financial Services, we can customize a solution specific to your needs, including:

  • Preserving your wealth for future generations.
  • Finding tax shelters for your valuable family assets
  • Preventing loss of income due to illness
  • Providing a sound succession plan for your business

  1. Financial Planners are authorized to act in the field of Financial Planning. They exercise their duties for National Bank Financial Inc., a financial planning firm.

  2. We work closely with the Taxation, Retirement and Estate Planning Team from National Bank Trust, made up of multidisciplinary experts who provide knowledge and advice that complement our service offering. These experts assist us in providing the best solutions for your personal finances related to taxation, retirement and estate planning.

  3. Insurance products and services are provided by National Bank Insurance Firm (NBIF) or by NBF Financial Services (NBFFS), as applicable. NBIF and NBFFS are not members of Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). Insurance products are not protected by CIPF.

  4. Financing solutions are subject to credit approval by National bank.

  5. For details and conditions of the offer, please contact your advisor.

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