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I possess a unique baggage of knowledge and experience. On top of my formation, I regularly attend company shareholder meetings. This lets me develop a deeper knowledge on companies that deserve your attention. The least I can say is that these very profitable and well managed businesses know how to create real value for their shareholders!

I aim to increase your capital in the long term all while minimizing your risk, taxes and management fees. In order to succeed in the stock market, I firmly believe that one must have a good approach and a good attitude. I use a simple investment approach that has been proven by some of the richest people in our society. It consists of buying only excellent companies from different sectors and holding on to them for a very long time.

I offer exceptional services that are different than what you have experienced before. For example, I personally and brilliantly write financial letters allowing me to inform my clients about the new developments of their companies, the economy or even simple methods on how to get richer. I believe that understanding what we are doing and why we do it is essential. This is why educating my clients financially is very important to me.

I use a global management approach of your wealth and I am surrounded by a team of experts. Choosing companies and investment products to build a solid portfolio is just the tip of the iceberg. Financial planning, tax or estate planning as well as risk management by life or invalidity insurance are other very important aspects to help protect your wealth. My team of experts will be delighted to help you in these suitable fields.

Manon Bradford

Wealth Associate

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