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We are dedicated to the financial well-being of physicians and their families so that they can live their best lives today and tomorrow.  We provide advice and solutions specific to every stage of your career, from your residency and through retirement.

We offer:

  • Financial Planning for your whole family
  • Investments to help you achieve growth and income
  • Insurance to help you build, protect and share your wealth
  • Estate and Trust planning for your security and legacy
  • Banking and Borrowing access for your day-to-day needs
  • Guidance regarding Incorporation and key decisions to consider



If you are starting out we will develop a plan that allows you to eliminate debt and begin building wealth sooner, it could mean $750 per day for you and your family to start two years earlier.As you grow in your career, we will integrate additional elements to grow your invested assets, fund major purchases like homes and cottages, and, best of all, work with your accountant, lawyer and professional colleagues to reduce taxes.When you are well-established we will monitor your plan, track your progress toward your financial goals and prepare you for retirement life.




All day long you give diagnosis after diagnosis ... but when was the last time you reviewed your own financial health?


We can help you:


  • Remodel for income changes and fine-tune your financial plan
  • Understand tax programs and deductions to minimize household taxes and protect your wealth
  • Protect your family by reviewing your emergency fund, insurance needs, and estate plan.


A smart insurance strategy and well thought-out estate plan are essential for creating a legacy that will last, for your family and for generations to come. Our team of professionals can assist you with finding the right insurance solutions and work with you to create an estate plan that is custom designed to meet the needs of your family, your heirs, your business interests and your philanthropic considerations

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