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Our finance and investing journeys are unique given who we are and the rapid world changes that have occurred just in our own lifetimes. Technology advances continue to accelerate at a mind-numbing pace. To continue to be successful it is important that we review and integrate the most promising new developments into our financial investment philosophy. As we discover new and developing topics for discussion, we are happy to be able to present events that provide the latest information available. The “Events” area of our website is where to find both up and coming events that you can attend, and to also review events that were recorded and transcribed. If you follow us, you will see announcements when we are developing exclusive new presentations and seminars for clients and their guests. You can also contact us through this page to let us know what topics you would be interested in attending and to inquire and begin your journey with us as a new client. Stay tuned.

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Financial Responsibilities of Condo Corporations

Friday 8 April 2022 │ 12:00 PM MT
Live Stream and In Person

This Presentation is available to existing condo board members, Property Managers, and newly appointed/elected condo board representatives.

Understanding the financial responsibilities of the condo corporation board and board members is a challenge in recent years with changes in applicable legislations. 

John will be hosting a seminar with a condominium law specialist as well representatives from the National Bank of Canada who will be outlining the banking and borrowing package that is structured and available specifically for Condominium Corporations, as well as a presentation of Investments available that qualify for Alberta Condominium Corporations Reserve Accounts. 

Please click on the link below to email your interest in this topic until dates and RVSP are available.

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