Critical Illness Insurance

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A supplement to disability insurance: While disability insurance is a valued form of protection, it does come with its limitations. These include a cap on the amount of coverage, the lack of a lump sum payment and the sometimes arduous process of qualifying for benefits. Critical illness insurance coverage is used a supplement to disability insurance and the payout is based on a clearly defined set of criteria.

Medical expenses: A debilitating illness is often accompanied by unprecedented medical expenses. Critical illness insurance benefits can help alleviate this financial stress.

Cash cushion: Even if the expenses from an illness remain manageable, the payout from a critical illness insurance policy can provide the peace of mind that comes with a ready cash balance in one's bank account.

*Insurance products and solutions are provided by NBF Financial Services (NBFFS). NBFFS is not a Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). Therefore insurance products are not protected by the CIPF.

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