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Our expertise is second to none. We will give you peace of mind with our comprehensive financial planning platform, personalized solutions and exceptional service.

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Our specialty: Making it easier for you to manage your finances, no matter what your needs, goals or situation are. 

Our wide range of services allows us to tailor our recommendations to each profile and work together to find the best solution for you.

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Our team believes being patient and acquiring high-quality investments are the keys to long-term financial success. Our approach is aligned with National Bank Financial - Wealth Management's commitment to meeting all of our clients' needs. 

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Whether you are a client or a prospect, and whatever your financial management needs, we are here to offer you personalized support. 

Our team is dedicated to contributing to your financial success. We'll find solutions to help you achieve your goals. 

  • Documented reports & continuous updating of various retirement income scenarios
  • Ongoing assessments - what your current asset base & savings strategy will produce in retirement, and - if necessary, what additional deposits/contributions are required to meet a certain specified income target in retirement
  • Factor in taxes, CPP & OAS, pension income, equity withdrawals, etc.
  • Provide estimates of annual cash flows in current & inflation-adjusted dollars plus their impact on the evolving balance of investment accounts
  • Calculating probabilities of reaching retirement goals based on return assumptions and life expectancy

Complete and objective analysis of your financial situation (business & personal), combined with an action plan and recommendations that will enable you to achieve your financial goals

The six components of financial planning and their impacts:

  • Finances: balance sheet, cash management, budgeting, holding companies, etc.  These will require fine-tuning from time to time
  • Taxation: general tax guidance, tax reduction, income spliting, consultation/co-ordination with your other trusted advisors, accountants & lawyers.  Strategies to preserve as much of your wealth as possible
  • Investments: optimizing returns, asset allocation, investment strategies, specialized investment vehicles.  Finding the best solution for your investor profile.
  • Retirement: longevity, profile, income & liquidity needed during retirement, individual pension plan, timing of retirement.  It's all in the planning!
  • Risk Planning: analysis of your current life, critical illness & disbility insurance coverage.  Defining your real needs & identifying the best way to obtain this coverage
  • Estate: smooth transfer of your assets, protection of your heirs, tax-effective trust structures.  Solutions for life; family concerns, trust planning and optimizing wealth transfer

Business & Professionals

  • Ensuring the continuity of your business in the event of death or disability
  • Protecting your shareholders in order not to jeopardize your business
  • Protecting the loans of your business
  • Accessing innovative solutions for transferring your business

Individuals & Families

  • Maintaining your family's lifestyle in the event of death
  • Guaranteeing your income if you become disabled or critically ill
  • Maintaining a stable income throughout your retirement
  • Minimizing taxes at death & maximizing the transfer of wealth to your family members

Wills & Estate Planning

  • Properly planning for the transfer of wealth in the event of death
  • Attempting to eliminate uncertainties and maximizing the value of an estate by reducing taxes & other expenses


  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Powers of attorney
  • Property ownership

Also included is Tax Planning & Accounting and Banking Solutions

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