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Put the expertise of a team of highly skilled specialists to work for you to get the answers to your financial questions. 

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Since portfolio management is an essential component of wealth management, we offer a full array of these and other services, through both the specialists on our team and the network of experts we have been partnering with for many years now. 

What we can do for you

Our integrated wealth management services are designed to maximize your financial security and give you the peace of mind you deserve. We achieve this by utilizing our extensive internal resources and in-house team of trusted advisors.

Portfolio management is only one piece of the wealth management puzzle. Which is why we also make available an extensive selection of related services through our own team and the partnerships we have built over time. 

Financial planning is a vital part of wealth management. It starts with a comprehensive and impartial analysis of your financial situation, using a detailed, step-by-step approach:

  • Assemble all relevant personal and financial data
  • Assess where you are currently at and prepare financial projections
  • Present our findings and recommendations, along with an action plan

This is an in-depth exercise covering seven separate but interrelated areas:

  • Legal: Marital status, matrimonial regime, etc.
  • Financial: Balance sheet, complete with assets and liabilities, cash flow, and income and expenses
  • Investments: Portfolio review
  • Taxation: Strategies to reduce your personal and family tax burden now and in the years ahead
  • Retirement: Planning of your retirement income and withdrawals
  • Insurance and risk management: Analysis of your situation and current and future needs in terms of life, disability, critical illness and other types of insurance
  • Estate planning: Transmission and protection of your assets in the event of your death 

A well-structured estate plan will ensure your wealth is passed down to your family the way you intend and reduce the corresponding taxes. The specialists and professionals on our team will review your will and put together an estate plan that is built around your specific needs. We also work with highly respected notaries and tax specialists in a variety of fields to ensure you get the expert advice you need.

Charitable donations and legacy giving are a priority for many of our clients, who wish to support the causes they believe in now and beyond their lifetime. The Philantra Foundation lets you create your very own charity from within a public foundation and take advantage of the corresponding tax benefits.  

In any financial planning strategy, it is important to consider the impacts of personal, corporate and fiduciary taxes. Whether it involves how you manage your earnings, how you select your investments and savings plans, how you withdraw your savings before and after retirement, how you split your pension income with your spouse or how you pass along your wealth to your heirs, tax questions are bound to arise. We will make sure you get the answers you need.

Insurance plays a role in every stage of your life. It often serves a temporary need, such as protecting your personal or family income in the event of an illness, accident or untimely death. But it can do much more than that. Insurance can make it easier to transfer your wealth to the next generation, offset a tax liability, protect the shareholders and continuity of a private business, maximize the tax efficiency of a management company, and more. We work with our team of in-house specialists to incorporate the insurance considerations relevant to your situation into the integrated financial planning process and come up with the best solutions for you. 

  • World Elite GP1859 MasterCard Credit Card
  • Free medical care assistance for you and your family
  • Premium Travel Insurance Program
  • Concierge Service
  • Travel Points and Discount Programs
  • Unlimited bank accounts $CAD and $US
  • Interest crescendo accounts
  • Advantageous rates on financing
  • Complex credit products, particularly:

            -$CAD and $US Line of Credit

            -Custom mortgages

            -International products

            -Marine mortgages

            -Funding for tax strategies

            -With or without warranty

            -Cash value financing of life insurance

            -Financing of securities

  • Offer includes individual and spouse, minor children, management company and trust
  • Banking transactions, cheque orders, and automated services
  • Deductible offer

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