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To be the team of choice for financial planning and portfolio management that values clients' vision and objectives.

Which goals or life events require money and time planning?

While some advisors perform some type of planning, many people mistake the purchase of a financial product or the drafting of a will for financial planning. For example, those who contribute to their RRSPs say they do retirement planning.

However, if we ask them what rate of return is required and how much money they need to maintain their standard of living in retirement, they simply cannot answer. Moreover, they are still concerned that they will not have enough resources when they retire. Another example: writing a will is not estate planning.

True wealth is to be able to live the kind of life you want and to create a legacy for the future that reflects your values.

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Our purpose

Our objectives

As your partner in financial success, we're here to support you with all your investment goals. You can count on our help to make your money work for you.

Our values

We're committed to honesty, integrity and excellence. Our comprehensive financial planning service and personalized solutions will provide you with peace of mind. 

What makes us stand out

Our clients greatly appreciate our dedicated advice and support.

You can always count on:

  • Our commitment to helping you achieve your goals
  • Our approach
  • Our integrity
  • Our professionalism
  • Our transparency about the compensation we receive


Following a survey in 2017, our clients told us what they liked about our team:

  • Our availability
  • Our rigor and competence 
  • Our accompaniment

Our commitment is to accompany you in all aspects that concern your wealth. Supported by a team of specialists, we provide an integrated response to all your wealth management needs.


“Members of Team Duhaime are real financial planners. These independent professionals dedicate themselves to organizing their clients' finances logically by recommending products and investments that fit their requirements.”

- Dr. Daniel Ricard, oral and maxillofacial surgeon

“Team Duhaime provides us with excellent, courteous, professional service that covers all aspects of our wealth management planning. We recommend Team Duhaime without hesitation as they can help you meet your financial and estate planning objectives.

- Lucille and Ronald Desroches, retirees

“Rest assured that Team Duhaime will always give you insightful, relevant recommendations and advice. In other words, customer service that is second to none.”

- Gisèle Beauvais, retiree

“We came from France 12 years ago and did not realize for several years how important it was to prepare for retirement. We have been blessed to meet the Duhaime Team. They are highly skilled in Investment and Retirement Planning. In a very clear manner, they explained their plan to help us reach our goals for retirement. Serge and David are always available for any advice, and they customize exceedingly the customer relationship.

Within less than 2 years, the results of their follow-up were outstanding and exceeded to a great extent our expectations. Anne-Sophie and I feel now very serene to tackle the retirement in 10 years or so; we could not thank Serge and David enough for their amazing job.”

- Dr. Jean-Marie Ribeyre, MD, psychiatrist

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