Working with a Portfolio Manager

Experience, performance and piece of mind

What is a Portfolio Manager

Though commonly used interchangeably, Portfolio Managers (PM) and Investment Advisors (IA) require different levels of training, experience and oversight.  Portfolio Managers build and maintain investment accounts that are tailored to each client's needs and are legally bound to act in their best interest.  Only Portfolio Managers must meet the highest standards in the industry to achieve and maintain their designation.

The advantages of working with a Portfolio Manager (PM)    

PROFESSIONALISM: Licensing requires the highest levels of education, experience and ethical standards.


EXCLUSIVITY: Fewer than 10% of Investment Advisors achieve the designation.


CONFIDENCE: PMs are monitored to ensure their day-to-day decisions are fully aligned with client investment objectives.


PROTECTION: Unlike Investment Advisors, PMs have a fiduciary responsibility (legal obligation) to act with care, honesty and good faith.


SECURITY: PMs are overseen by provincial regulators and must meet strict financial, capital and insurance

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