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Jerome's forthright approach, humor and warm personality immediately put you at ease, making you feel secure and right at home...

My Financial Expertise and Passion

Jerome Cohen is a recognized leader within the Canadian financial services industry. Since launching his career in the 1980s in Toronto with what is now known as BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc., he has consistently earned recognition for providing highly responsive client service while delivering successful, customized wealth management solutions to individuals and families.

Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family of furniture store owners in the London area, Jerome understands and can relate to the unique needs of business owners. He is sensitive to their concerns and specializes in providing a well-honed perspective on how to best manage their complex decisions regarding wealth management, estate and succession planning, and charitable giving.

In the mid-1980s, Jerome and wife Edie merged their respective successful practices, blending their complementary relationship-management strengths, and spearheading innovations and initiatives within their partnership that propelled their business to an entirely new level.

As a Senior Vice-President in 2003, he made the leap to Wellington West Capital Inc., where he held the same position and served as a Wellington West board member from 2003 to 2006.

Jerome continues to be a major force in partnership with Edie serving their niche clientele at Cohen Wealth Management Group with National Bank Financial, since its acquisition of Wellington West in 2011.  When an opportunity arose, Jeff Johnstone joined the team to form a dynamic trio at Cohen Johnstone Wealth Management.

My Community Involvement and Giving Back

Jerome has strong commitments and deep ties to the outstanding educational, health, and community institutions that are the bedrock of the city where he was born and raised. He also believes in giving back.

At the University of Western Ontario, where he earned an Honours degree in Business Administration from the Ivey School of Business, he served on the Board of Directors and the Investment Committee for Foundation Western. At the London Health Sciences Centre, Jerome contributed expertise on their Stewardship and Investment Committees. His community involvement extended to London's Temple Israel, where he was on the Board of Directors. 

  On a Personal Note

With family always as his priority, Jerome seeks every opportunity to embrace life and share his life-long passion for learning, whether through education, activities, or travel. He thrives on strong family relationships and quality friendships, enjoying nothing better than an intimate dinner with great conversation (which could run from his best new wine find to headier history and geo-political topics).

And, although Jerome's hobbies include some sedate interests such as historical biographies and cooking, he is also a die-hard Formula 1 racing fan, an avid skier, and has engaged in his share of road biking. His current fitness focus propels him to be a regular at the gym --- perhaps not so much that he is fond of exercising, but that he knows it's his best shot at reaching his widely advertised goal to live to be 120!

Wealth Advisor
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To know Edie is to recognize her as a trailblazer and one of the first women in the Canadian financial advisory business landscape.


At the Beginning...

Being one of the first women in the Canadian financial advisory business, not only has Edie been at the forefront of change since the start of her investment career, she was also uniquely positioned to capitalize on her early exposure to and aptitude for business. Originally a Montrealer whose entrepreneurial family included food service and real estate interests, Edie grew up especially sensitized to the ups and downs, commitments, and demands of owner-operated small businesses.

Edie, however, began her professional life as an educator with a B.A. (Honours, English) from Concordia University and a B.Ed. from U. of T. in her back pocket. Here she honed her skills in guiding, advising, teaching, and discovered her innate desire to positively affect people's lives - just not as a high school teacher! At that time, and as a keen young investor in public markets, Edie's curiosity about investments had been piqued. Upon suggestions from not one, but from two of her stockbrokers, she recalibrated and launched her career in wealth management.

My Financial Expertise and Passion

With BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc., Edie built a highly successful financial advisory practice focusing on serving entrepreneurs and affluent families, becoming one of the most respected advisors and rising to the rank of Senior Vice-President. Upon merging her practice in the 1980s with that of husband, Jerome Cohen, together they became one of the first financial advisory teams in the country, earning accolades and respect from both clients and industry leaders.

The duo expanded to London in the early 1990s. Edie specialized in the particular wealth management needs of entrepreneurs, employing both her penchant for clear communication and her talent with small businesses in preserving and growing their assets.

Edie brought that expertise when she and Jerome joined Wellington West Capital Inc. in 2003. Wellington West strongly encouraged the Cohens' consultative business practices, which helped it become a leading independent wealth management firm acquired by National Bank in July 2011. When an opportunity arose, Jeff Johnstone joined the team to form a dynamic trio.  Edie served on the Executive Board of Wellington West Capital Inc. (2003-2005) and on the Wellington Advisory Committee (2005-2006).  Edie is currently a member of the Budget and Finance Committee of Jewish Family & Child.

On A Personal Note

Although dubbed 'Vulcan' (as in, Spock-like) by the office for her ability to attentively listen, size up the situation, filter out the drama, and quickly formulate a logical approach to resolve the crisis of the moment, don't underestimate that calm demeanor! True, Edie is the grounded voice of reason and the stable, reliable sounding board for both her family and her practice.  But, she is also certainly full of heart and adventure -- an avid skier, hiker, an outdoor enthusiast, and simply the best to have in your corner cheering you on and championing your accomplishments!

Beyond her fierce love for her family, and the frequent challenges she faces when Jerome's exuberance needs to be reined in, her own personal interests run more to the arts. Jazz, dance, art exhibits, and theatre are some of her favorite leisure activities. A woman for all seasons!

Wealth Advisor
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Jeff has a great manner about him. He is intuitive, open-minded, compassionate, and instinctively sees issues from other people’s perspectives. His clients value his astute listening skills and have confidence that his wealth management advice reflects their individual needs.   

My Financial Expertise and Passion

Jeff Johnstone’s career in Wealth Management began over a decade ago in Business Development with Canaccord Capital. The allure of investment advising beckoned and he joined Canaccord Genuity where he worked diligently to develop a successful practice from the ground up. With Jeff’s 2016 move to National Bank Financial Wealth Management, he concentrated on building an enviable book of business, providing customized investment advice and multi-generational financial planning to affluent individuals, families and business owners. Since joining Cohen Johnstone Wealth Management, Jeff’s focus is on the numerous exciting opportunities with his partners as they collectively enhance their high-net-worth service offer and propel their business to the next level.

In the Beginning

Jeff earned his stripes long before his foray into investment advising. His aspirations of becoming a professional hockey player were truncated by a family illness that required him to move back home to Canada. Plans had to be re-drawn as the responsibilities of the family business required his attention. Jeff’s personal life experiences have equipped him with strengths and insights usually attributable to those far beyond his years. His compassion, understanding, commitment and resilience have shaped his distinct abilities to assess the impact of change and to re-calibrate life and financial goals.  Having been awarded the Elwin Derbyshire hockey scholarship, Jeff excelled and shared team captain responsibilities at Queen’s University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts (Economics) following transfer from Oswego State University’s Bachelor of Commerce programme. 

My Community Involvement and Giving Back

Jeff remains avidly involved in sports and hockey, in particular.  He is a Member of the Board for the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame, Co-Chair of the Hall of Fame Budget Committee, and assists with fundraising and financials for their Annual Awards Gala. Jeff volunteered with the Special Olympics of Canada for three years and is presently involved in the Step-Up Challenge for Prostate Cancer Canada.

  On A Personal Note

An ardent pet-lover, Jeff recalls growing up in what he affectionately refers to as ‘a wild animal kingdom’ of dogs, cats and horses. His early passion was to be a veterinarian, but he knew his limits in dealing with difficult emotional family choices. His fondness for animals reaches far past domestic breeds. Jeff has a fascination with sharks, and cage-diving with them has made his bucket list – a sure-fired way to maintain his reflexes! 
But beyond all, Jeff values the importance of family. Friends and coaches alike say that with Jeffrey “what you see is what you get” and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Jeff actively seeks out opportunities for positive engagement. That’s where he derives his greatest satisfaction.

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