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Our diligence and our experience for your piece of mind.


As your financial needs evolve over time, you need different solutions depending on your stage in life. This is especially important when you want to build the financial wealth needed to carry out the projects that matter most to you. I understand this and can help you.

My colleagues and I are committed to managing the world's most important investments: yours!

On this site, you can learn about our approach to managing your wealth, as well as my diversified service offering and the many solutions available depending on your stage in life.

As a member of the National Bank Financial - Wealth Management team, I can draw on more than a century of know-how and the resources of one of Canada's largest financial groups. I have both the expertise and the resources to help you build and manage the assets you need to reach your goals.

I offer each of my clients a personalized approach and a customized investment portfolio. I can also recommend complementary financial products and services in order to meet all of their financial needs.

If you have questions or want more information, please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone or by using the contact form.

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Our purpose

Our mission

Act as guides and as partners throughout the cycle of managing your wealth and supporting your various plans.

Our added value

• We are an integrated and experienced team with rigorous management discipline and with members who complement each other

• Our expertise is solidified by our close collaboration with some of the best portfolio and pension fund managers in the world

• We have made strategic alliances that enable you to meet all your planning needs

Our business philosophy

• That capital protection, low volatility and long-term capital growth are determinants in successfully achieving investment objectives.

• That long-term returns are higher when the client’s emotions are eliminated and the advisor can act on behalf of everyone at the same time.

• That diversification is necessary to manage risk.

• That, in the long term, large cap companies that generate positive cash flows and pay dividends are the most appropriate investments

• That, long term, it is strategic to be invested at all times

• That investors are better served by professional managers who have proven their worth

• That it is essential to respect asset allocation and investment discipline

• That it is important to take into consideration the fees of the products and services recommended to clients

• That products and services vary depending on amounts available

• That good business relationships are based on transparency, trust, integrity and respect

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