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If you are looking for more, it may be time to look at Christianson Wealth Advisors.

We make a bigger difference because we start with the end in mind.  All we do is driven by a deep understanding of what matters to each client.

Great investment results, protecting capital and providing comprehensive wealth management are just “table stakes” when it comes to making a serious service offering to wealthy Canadians.  Fabulous delivery of these things goes without saying.

Simplifying your life

If you are seeking wise, experienced counsel and advice on all aspects of your financial life, and the high degree of confidence that comes from a true partnership with a real financial life coach, this may be the place for you.

Christianson Wealth Advisors provides family office services to a limited number of families with $2 million to $20 million of investable assets, and the range of issues that arise as a result of a lifetime of hard work and common sense savings practices.

Our purpose

Clients of CWA have come by their wealth in a variety of ways, but all want to now focus on enjoying the fruits of their labour instead of worrying about money.  They are conscientious delegators, and in CWA, they have found a team of seasoned advisors who they can trust, who have proven year after year to have placed their clients’ best interests first.

Our approach

CWA’s continuous improvement is directed by these clients themselves, who participate in a bi-annual Focus Group.  Although the results each year show that CWA is doing a tremendous job and is completely trusted by its long-term clients, each session gives insights into the current and future issues facing these people, and the best way to provide these services and advice going forward.

Such issues include educating their children about how to manage wealth, producing an understandable and tax-effective estate plan, planning for the possibility of incapacity, passing on the family cottage, purchasing vacation properties, developing donation and planned giving strategies, and protecting their wealth against any and all dangers.

If these issues sound familiar, then we invite you to explore what we have to offer.

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