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What does a wealth manager do?

Our job is to organize and prioritize your financial goals to take the burden off of your shoulders. With comprehensive, tailored investment solutions, tax-efficient strategies, and growth opportunities, we steward your portfolio to keep more money in your pocket. Through all of this, we maintain an ongoing conversation with you for full transparency and understanding so that you know that you are in control of reaching your goals. 

Can't I do this myself online?

Our approach is more than just stocks and bonds. We develop a personalized financial plan for you that helps you achieve your current, future and generational financial goals. We work to ensure that your financial plan, investments, and tax strategies all work together for your maximum benefit. Forget worrying about your money day-to-day and start living confiently that you are on your way to fulfilling your financial goals for yourself and the security of your loved ones. 

How often do you actually look at my investments?

Constantly. That's the security that you have knowing that our own money is invested in the same way that yours is, with the same stock picks and investment choices. With parallel investments, we have skin in the game too. You can be assured that we are always working to make your money grow. 

What is a financial plan and why should I have one?

A financial plan is a detailed, action-based strategy focused on the financial goals that you have for yourself and your family today and for the next 30+ years. It acts like a map for your life and financial decisions. From home purchases to cars, vacations and investments, all of this impacts your financial strategy for a worry-free retirement. 


Using a financial plan for your investments, tax-strategies and daily spending allows you to make informed decisions to ensure a secure future.

Your best plan of action involves a financial plan. 

Do I pay any fees?

Our fees are based on both the size of the portfolio and the investment volatility. The percentage-based fees cover all trading costs, investment fees, securities administration, portfolio management, client education events, financial planning, and provide you access to our larger team of experts. Take advantage of unparalleled care from our highly experienced team.  

I'm working with another advisor right now but I don't hear from them very much. How often do you talk to your clients?

We schedule portfolio meetings at least twice a year. Between those conversations, there are also regular newsletters and client events to ensure that you know what is happening in your portfolio and can learn more about contemportary financial approaches to managing money. With a team of highly educated and experienced investment professionals and support associates, we are here to serve you. Of course, we are always available to talk as needed between these formal meetings as well.

I've never invested before and I'm nervous to start. How do I even begin?

The first thing to do is to call us. Together we can look at what your investment goals are since investing can seem overwhelming at first. During our first meetings, we spend time with you so that you understand exactly how your money works for you within our investment portfolios. We keep it simple and transparent. Through every step of the way, your money works to fulfill your goals for yourself and your loved ones. 

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