Enjoy the journey both now and later


A top challenge facing physicians today is getting the best results from their cash flow.

With demands for living well today, paying increasingly higher taxes, and protecting your future, most physicians feel overwhelmed trying to reach a balance and make the right decisions. You feel like you are losing ground despite your hard work. You need a path to take charge.

Our Family Office approach provides a clear and simple path for you to take charge of your cash flow and be the author of a better financial lifestyle story. We help you clarify the big picture and what is most important to you, focus on the right actions to get results, and take action to see progress.

You are in charge and make decisions that work for you now and later.

The Physician Focused Family Office

Our Family Office is a fully integrated, independent, multidisciplinary approach to wealth management that helps you and your family understand, build and sustain your wealth.

Implementation of Your Strategic Cash-Flow Plan and co-ordination with your other key advisors to provide comprehensive advice.  This incorporates the management of investments, cash flow, tax, wealth & estate planning, and legacy planning

Assist you in creating your Financial Lifestyle Vision and Prosperity Road Map, providing you with direction, clarity, and peace of mind.

Provide you with Perspective, find Solutions, and Simplify the complexity, allowing you to gain the greatest return on your time and effort



Our purpose

Bluteau Caseley Wealth Management has been serving the needs of physician families since 1987 and has evolved into the only Physician-Focused Family Office based Wealth Group in Atlantic Canada

Our approach

   Step One: Clarify Your Financial Vision

   Step Two: Focus on the Right Actions

   Step Three: Follow Through for Success

Effective cash flow management enables you to spend today to live the way you want and save for tomorrow while minimizing your tax burden along the way.

You can enjoy the journey both now and later

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