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We provide personalized solutions to help clients and their families achieve their life goals with greater peace of mind.

Our approach

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1. Understand your needs

  • We take the time to get to know you.
  • We undertake a detailed analysis of your current situation.
  • We understand your needs and concerns to help you set objectives and priorities. 
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2. Plan

  • We recommend solutions that are tailored to your needs and establish an action plan with your priorities in mind.
  • We design a personalized plan for your retirement.
  • We assist you in your decision making regarding estate planning and settlement.
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3. Implement the plan

  • We build your investment portfolio and implement the adopted strategies.
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4. Periodic monitoring

  • We monitor changes in your personal, financial and economic situation, to ensure the proposed solutions continue to suit your objectives.

We first determine the type of portfolio that will best suit your goals and that you are comfortable with. As portfolio managers, you benefit from the expertise of a professional mandate to make the best decisions for you without requiring your prior approval on every transaction. Our portfolio management program provides you with flexibility, transparency, family pricing and the possibility of tax-deductible fees. 

We will guide you in developing strategies to reach your financial goals. More specifically this plan will cover the following areas: personal finances, cash flow, tax considerations, employment benefits, retirement, risk management, legal and estate considerations, and business considerations. We will review your situation regularly as financial planning is an ongoing process. ¹

Planning for the distribution of your wealth is essential to ensure that your assets are transferred to your beneficiaries efficiently and according to your wishes. We first aim to understand your goals with an in-depth discussion and analysis of your financial and estate concerns. We will then ensure that your wills and other legal documents are properly set in place to reflect these wishes and review them regularly. 2

Tax planning includes making sure you are taking advantage of every tax vehicle available to minimize taxes, withdrawing from your portfolio in a tax-efficient manner, implementing strategies at the end of the year to minimize capital gains, and understanding your goals to better manage the taxes throughout your lifetime and at death.

Clients have different insurance needs as they move through different stages of life. As licensed insurance agents, we will help you review your current in force policies so that you understand your coverage and the type of insurance you own. We will run an insurance needs analysis to ensure your family is well protected at every stage of your life. 3

As a client, you have access to an advantageous banking package. It includes bank accounts with no monthly fee and no minimum balance, a free World Elite Mastercard with extensive travel insurance coverage, preferential rates on mortgages and lines of credit, a concierge travel service, and unlimited access to a virtual healthcare solution. ⁴ ⁵

Do you want to give back to the community? Let our team guide you in designing a philanthropic plan.

  • Setting up a foundation
  • Distribution of donations
  • Bequests in a will

  1. Financial Planners are authorized to act in the field of Financial Planning. They exercise their duties for National Bank Financial Inc., a financial planning firm.

  2. We work closely with the Taxation, Retirement and Estate Planning Team from National Bank Trust, made up of multidisciplinary experts who provide knowledge and advice that complement our service offering. These experts assist us in providing the best solutions for your personal finances related to taxation, retirement and estate planning.

  3. Insurance products and services are provided by National Bank Insurance Firm (NBIF) or by NBF Financial Services (NBFFS), as applicable. NBIF and NBFFS are not members of Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). Insurance products are not protected by CIPF.

  4. Financing solutions are subject to credit approval by National bank.

  5. For details and conditions of the offer, please contact your advisor.

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