Our values

Each member of our team places at the heart of our business practice a set of values, which include professionalism, integrity, honesty, respect and empathy.

These values are reflected in our work, guide our daily actions and decisions and promote the development of positive and lasting relationships with you, your loved ones and with your other wealth management  specialists.

A commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of our team.

Our mission: To support you in achieving your financial goals throughout your life and beyond!

Our convictions

  • Provide you with top-quality advice to help you achieve your most important financial goals while upholding the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism.
  • We know that being listened to and understood is a fundamental need. Our solutions are proposed and presented with integrity, that is to say with their advantages and their limits.
  • Beyond the management of your assets, we support you throughout the evolution of your life, meaning we are there during good times and bad times.
  • We believe in the importance of a business relationship based on partnership and the sharing of a common vision.
  • We believe that in an environment where risks and emotions are present, it is necessary to have a proven process and a rigorous methodology.
  • We believe in the need for portfolio diversification.
  • We believe that efficient use of multiple managers maximizes the risk-return relationship.
  • We believe that transparency is essential in any business relationship.
  • We know that the growth of assets leads to an exponential increase in the complexity of solutions.
  • We believe that portfolio management must be accompanied by a highly specialized, professional and personalized service.
  • We are convinced that by educating our clients, we reduce the risks associated with behavioral finance and therefore increase the probability of returns
  • We believe that  good planing provides peace of mind, financial health and the achievement of goals

Our driving principles

  • Estate protection

          Our first concern for you.

  • Diversification of assets

             The cornerstone for managing your portfolio.

  • The assurance of having the right modus operanti.

             For your well-being and comfort.

  • A long-term business relationship

             Your best chance for success.

  •  Transparency

             Essential for building a solid business relationship.

  • Mutual trust

             A catalyst for engagement.

Our team has always made a point of getting involved in the community. Here are a few exemples!

Dance school ADN Desgagnes

The team started in 1996 to support the dance school ADN Desgagnes which was founded in 1986. Their mission is to provide a suitable environment for amateur and professional dance as well as through the dance/education program. ADN offers summer camps and of course dance classes on a regular basis. The school is in a partnership with Disney and participates in the International Festival of Dance and Performing Arts.

Foundation of CHU QC

Since 2014, the team has been involved in the Planned Giving of the Foundation du CHU Québec City, helping the health network to improve the quality of medical services, contributing to research, teaching and the acquisition of technological equipment.

We are also involved in the launch of La Cellule, a gathering of dynamic and committed young professionals to promote the Foundation du Chu de Québec by awakening and raising awareness among emerging donors

YWCA - Québec

Recreation, courses, eco boutiques, leadership programs, ... and intervention services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to welcome women with or without children in emergency situations or who find themselves on the street without resources. A dedicated team for a welcome in a safe, reassuring and non-judgmental environment.

The Team has been involved in various events for the benefit of the YWCA and Mathilde has become an ambassador for YWCA Quebec since 2018.

In May 2019, an event aimed to collect donations and clothes that were sent to the eco boutique whose profits are reinvested in the accommodation services for women in difficulty.

November 20, 2019 and November 18 2020 were the annual Evening-Benefit ''From the Shadow to the Light'', the Team were present and help raising more than 12 000$.



The Team is involved in the firm's mentoring program for women studying in the financial field. The industry currently has less than 20% female wealth advisers and the FBNGP is on a mission to build a new generation of female advisors. Mentoring aims to get more women interested in the profession.

St-François Foundation

Mathieu has been a Board member of the Saint-François Foundation since 2011. He serves as a Vice President to the Board. He also graduated from the SFF school.

The Team takes Education and the development of potentials to their heart. Those shared values are reflected in the Seminary's mission to "provide all students with a unique pedagogical, athletic and cultural environment. Develop their full potential and help them become engaged and respectful citizens. "

The last event held was the Spring Ball on May 9, 2019 and thanks to the 300 guests and partners 52,500$ was donated to the Père Boulé Scholarship Fund, which enables dozens of students to attend the SSF every year.

Fireflies little House

In September 2018, the team organized its second edition of the "A 100 for a good cause", a bike ride of 100 km and more than $ 17,000 was raised for the Maison des Petites Lucioles, an organization that offers children living with multiple deficiencies respite care and accommodation services. The Team also participated in the silent auction on April 30, 2019.


Premier Acte 

PremierActe promotes the distribution of emerging theatrical works and our Team was a proud partner of the fundraising campaign. We are continuing our involvement in 2020 by being on the front line for the fundraising campaign and encouraging the annual tales ''Contes à Passer le Temps'' !


Fondation SurMesur

The Team has been a proud to supporter and sponsor the Surmesur Foundation since its launch on May 30, 2019. The mission of the foundation is to propel various organizations whose initiatives aim to promote education and to promote access to it.


For several years now, during the holidays, we have offered our support to various organizations in need. We continue our financial and personal involvement with organizations, each with its own mission, different from one another, but with a common thread: these touch us singularly and make a real difference in our community.

2020 showed us once again that having compassion, giving, listening, and being involved has never been so important in our lives.

Maison Kangourou, Arbre évolution, Fondation des sports adaptés, Le Petit Blanchon, Maison Revivre, Baluchon Alzheimer, Premier Acte Logos

Our extensive network includes nearly 100 points of service across the country, from Halifax to Victoria. Over the years, the FENBB has forged lasting relationships with Canadian families, acting as a financial partner for successive generations.

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