Inflation, Markets and High Interest Rates

August 29th, 2023 / Insights from James Whitehouse, Senior Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager

I recently read the Federal Government had determined that inflation was at 3.4% in the month of May. This all sounds very nice, but my own personal experience with price increases seems to be much greater than 3.4%.  And many conversations with others indicate the same: Inflation is happening at a high rate. 

More importantly for us, here is what is happening in our clients’ portfolios during this period of inflation:

  • We continue to add higher GICs to portfolios. After a year of increasing rates, we have developed ladders of rates over 3-year periods. The most recent rate was 5.67% on July 11, 2023, for 1 year in a Discretionary account.
  • We will continue to add higher rates for as long as higher rates prevail.
  • We continue to hold some very good quality dividend shares throughout most portfolios and are always looking for market opportunities.
  • This period of Inflation could drive companies to have higher prices and possibly increase margins, which could convert to higher share prices and higher dividends. This is not definite but is certainly a reason to continue owning quality companies.

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