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Many of our clients perceive the Parent Bujold Group as the quarterback of their financial decisions. In fact our team combines competence, integrity, personalservice and conservatism. Due to our integrated approach, we see ourselves asour clients personal CFO. Our approach is simple and effective; offer the bestrisk-return over 5 years by integrating financial planning, estate planning andfinancial security.


Simplifying your life

Our team can teach you how to properly diversify your portfolio andidentify solutions that fit your needs, your goals and your risk tolerance. From the beginning of ourrelationship, we will offer you all the support necessary for the propermanagement of your assets. Together,  we will determine your objectives and yourinvestment profile based on your investment horizon and what you wish to dowith your money. We will monitor your assets, rebalance your portfolio asneeded and contact you regularly to review progress and take stock. What wewill do for you is: understand, plan, act and follow up.

Our business principles

Our 4 strengths that promote performance:

We are often asked what distinguishes the Parent Paiement Team fromothers.

We believe the following 4 features greatly increase our chances forlong term success and defines what wealth management performance is to us.

People: Respect and the spirit of cooperation are important values toour team. We hire diligently. We select competent, passionate, loyal,hardworking people with impeccable ethics. They believe in our team values.

Process: No one can predict precisely how the financial markets willmove. However, our research tools such as Value Line, Stock Point, CreditSuisse, BNC, as well as our databases such as Thomson One and CPMS allow us toimplement a unique process for the selection of indices, securities and funds.In addition, every two weeks, our management team meets to optimize assetallocation.

Price: We believe it is important to attribute a great value to ourservices and personalized approach, but to do so at a competitive price.

Philosophy: We believe that to allow our clients to increase theirwealth, we must have a diversified approach by asset class and by usinguncorrelated strategies. Our greatest strength is our ability to help ourclients stay on track during the good and difficult periods.

Our clients

Business owners:

Business owners are verybusy and constantly on the run. They have to manage everyday risks in theirbusiness. Theyare always searching for better ways to grow their investments in the financialworld (real estate, insurance and other companies, securities, arts). Diversification and riskreduction of their total assets are paramount. The liquidity of theirinvestments is also an important aspect.

Business owners wantto delegate the management of their wealth to competent and honest financialadvisors. Theywant to receive advice that promotes their personal and family interests.

Our team can meettheir needs and specific objectives and can help them create a rigorousinvestment plan. We provide peace of mind to business owners, who can focus on what mattersmost: their families, their health and their company.


For several years nowwe have been advising professionals and senior managers (accountants, lawyers,dentists, doctors, pharmacists, engineers, civil servants, etc.) They want clear and preciseinvestment process with an action plan focused on an integrated portfoliomanagement and long-term growth. We work together to find the best investmentsolutions to improve their long-term wealth and reduce the tax impact upondeath.


We help retirees to enjoy ahigh quality of life. Our retired clients are usually aged between 50 and 90years old. They worked hard and invested their savings for several years in aninvestment program (RRSPs, pension funds, cash account). Our retired clienteleappreciates our integrated approach which offers both portfolio managementservices, estate and tax planning.


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