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Knowing the Wealth

Knowing the client: Personal Financial Analysis – Tell me your story; what keeps you up at night; what do you want to accomplish that requires planning, your time and money? Analyze the benefits of tax-sheltered accounts. (RRSP, TFSA, etc.)

Growing the Wealth

Investment Objectives/Investment Policy/Portfolio Management: Discovery of the risk tolerance, defining the Investment Policy. Plan the year-end fiscal strategy. Collaborate with the tax reporting: Realized Gains & Losses also the foreign content calculations of the managed assets.

Protecting the Wealth

Identify the family’s life goals? Investment, spending, debt reduction, savings, insurance, long-term care, estate, business succession, tax planning, charitable donations, college funding strategies and retirement lifestyle. What if something happens to you? Analyze the current insurance policies and analyze if they are sufficient.

Transferring the Wealth

From one generation to the next. Analyze the last update of the will and powers of attorney. Calculate the fiscal bite at the second death. Look if advantageous to create a family trust for the children/beneficiaries.

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