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Our expertise is second to none. We will give you peace of mind with our comprehensive financial planning platform, personalized solutions and exceptional service.

Simplifying your life

Our specialty: Making it easier for you to manage your finances, no matter what your needs, goals or situation are. 

Our wide range of services allows us to tailor our recommendations to each profile and work together to find the best solution for you.

Our purpose

Our team believes being patient and acquiring high-quality investments are the keys to long-term financial success. Our approach is aligned with National Bank Financial - Wealth Management's commitment to meeting all of our clients' needs. 

Our approach

Whether you are a client or a prospect, and whatever your financial management needs, we are here to offer you personalized support. 

Our team is dedicated to contributing to your financial success. We'll find solutions to help you achieve your goals. 

How We Help You

Listen - We gather pertinent information about you and your family - Your needs, wants and goals.  Sometimes it is the things you don't say that are the most important.

Design - We design a completely custom, disciplined portfolio with an emphasis on risk adjusted returns and tax minimization.

Plan - We build a personal financial and estate plan.

Monitor - We monitor your investments and make changes when life changes happen.  We tactically take advantage of market situations to enhance returns.

Review - We meet with you regularly  to ensure your investments and plans are on track.  We ensure that at all times you know how much you have earned, what fees you are paying and what services you are receiving for your fees.

Enjoy - We help you to spend your money in ways that make you happy.  This can be charitable giving, lifestyle, family or leaving a legacy for the next generation.  The joy is not earning the money; the joy is sharing and spending it in ways that make you happy.

Client Experience

At The Murray Wealth Management Group we strive to offer the best service in the industry. We believe in old fashioned service, going the extra mile and if something is wrong, making it right.

  • We ensure all calls and emails are returned promptly
  • We ensure clients are contacted proactively for investment reviews
  • We liaison with our client's lawyers and tax professionals to reduce the fees they charge and simplify their lives
  • We assist with the probating of clients estates
  • We use our vast network of resources to assist clients in any way possible on non-financial matters

We endeavor to be more than financial advisors, but to be trusted family advisors. We believe that to be an effective advisor we must be emotionally invested in the families we work with and to achieve this we strictly limit the number of families we work with. You will not be working with a team of 10 people or be "handed off" to an associate. You will work directly with Brendan who will gain a deep level of understanding about your situation and this understanding will drive the decision making process in the years to come.

We feel that our clients appreciate this level of service. The Murray Wealth Management has a 99% client retention rate.

In a recently conducted client survey:

93% of clients said they felt they get very good value for the fees they pay

90% of clients said they are very likely to refer a friend or family member

91% of clients said they are extremely satisfied with our client/advisor relationship

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