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People and their families, come in all shapes and sizes. You are unique, your family is unique. You have your own distinctive hopes and dreams as well as your own challenges and obstacles to overcome.  All of which are often linked to finances. We want to collaborate and work with you to discover your wants and needs; to plan the roadmap to get you where you want to go.

We believe better advice comes from a personalized relationship

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We believe in a personal approach to investing and wealth management. The emphasis is placed on your life goals, objectives, and risk tolerance in conjunction with a plan which works towards the big picture. Our approach will include estate planning, tax planning, financial planning, risk planning, as well as philanthropy and banking.

Our values

When working in this style, we are able to get to know you and have a greater understanding of your financial objectives. The end result is we can make the best recommendations inorder to assist you in fulfilling your financial goals. 

What makes us stand out

In addition, we are a team of Licensed Portfolio Managers, therefore, able to manage your portfolio on a discretionary basis. That allows us to maintain your investments in a consistent and timely manner - proactively rebalancing when needed, taking small gains when warranted and providing income if necessary.

Portfolio Managers have a fiduciary duty to act with care, honest, in good faith, always in the best interests for you, our clients. Investment decisions must be independent and free of bias. Portfolio Managers have the highest level of education and experience in the industry.

We say we take care of families from one generation to the next- and we do! We are working with the great-grandchildren of our founding clients to ensure their hopes and dreams are realized and their challenges are met. 

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Honours and distinctions 

Our advice, support and dedication are greatly appreciated by all of our clients.

Indeed, you can always count on:

  • our commitment to you and the achievement of your goals
  • our innovative approach, whatever the service
  • our integrity
  • our professionalism
  • transparency regarding our remuneration


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