Kristin Mcintosh

Wealth Advisor

Kristin McIntosh brings her experience in Wealth Management leadership and strategy to her team and client relationships. With Kristin’s passionate drive, the team is dedicated to recognising, supporting and accomplishing a family’s goals and objectives while delivering impartial and unbiased recommendations. The Wealth Management team structure is designed to bring multi-disciplinary experts together based on specifically identified needs.

Her breadth of experience and knowledge, combined with her network of professionals, enables Kristin to accurately identify what elements are important to clients, educate professionals, families and small businesses to create actionable strategies.

Kristin often relies on her personal experience being raised in a divorced family, then having the ultimate gift of becoming a stepparent to understand the many complexities her clients face in life when it comes to comprehensive Estate planning. This unique perspective allows Kristin to relate to other families in avoiding unintended consequences that may result from the best of intentions.

Kristin began her journey in the financial industry during high school, when she began working with her dad now retired. Kristin moved to Calgary and began working with Merrill Lynch in 1999 and since that time has worn many hats. From receptionist to a Wealth Management Advisor she has a passion for continual development of wealth strategies to meet the ever-growing needs of their clientele.

Kristin is married and has two children. As a family they enjoy the outdoors, spending most of the winter skiing and spring to fall on their bikes.