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GIC rate as of April 1, 2024

GIC Rates




1 year

5.13 %

Community Trust / RFA Bank of CDA

2 year

4.90 %

Community Trust

3 year

4.74 %

Community Trust

4 year

4.47 %

National Bank

5 year

4.40 %

RFA Bank of CDA

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Senior Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager

Derek Arnott, CIM®

Senior Wealth Associate

Brittany Hengen, CIM®, CFP

Senior Wealth Associate

Sarah Smith

Wealth Associate

Ethan Wingerak

Wealth Associate

  1. Certain conditions apply. For full details and conditions, contact your advisor.
  2. Rates subject to change daily - without notice - depending on the market.
  3. Upon redemption by the Bank, the principal will be paid plus accrued interest. The bank may redeem or extend after 1-year on every anniversary date. 

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