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September 5th, 2023 by Gerardo Cappelli

showroom with new cars lined up in 2 rows

EVs are running out of customers 

In the US, dealerships are seeing a slow down in demand for EVs.  The EV enthusiasts and early adopters have made their purchases and now it's time for the general population to decide whether an EV vehicle is their next purchase. Dealerships have real time data on the automotive market and the manufacturers will be paying attention to these first signs of slow down.

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Asset Allocation Strategy - September

The summary from the CIO's office is that despite the growing popularity of a more optimistic outlook, their baseline scenario will remain largely unchanged.  For the short term, the majority of indicators they monitor still recommend a cautious asset allocation.


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Why the Canadian banking system is world class

Back in 2008, with the financial crisis and the US bailing out their large banks, Canadians were concerned if Canadian bank were also unstable.  Today, as the market shows a lot of volatility, some people are wondering the same thing again. Canadian banks are some of the most secure in the world.  One of the reasons is that the top 6 banks hold about 90% of all deposits making it easy for regulators to keep track of what the banks are doing.  

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Checklist - Being Named Executor

When a loved one passes, that is already an emotional event.  If you are also named executor on the will, this brings along with it huge responsibility to make sure legal, financial and tax issues are dealth with.  This checklist will help you stay on track.  Keep in mind that executors may also be exposed to personal liability so you should also consult with a lawyer for any specific advice.

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Fall Colour Report - Ontario

Did you know that the gorgeous red maples we see in Toronto only grow in central and southern Ontario?  This added red makes the fall change of colours even more spectacular.  In Toronto, we can see the change of colours driving along the Don Valley Parkway.  However, if you would like to make a day of it, this webpage tells you the best places to visit and when, along with suggested drives and hikes. 

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Toronto International Film Festival

This annual event runs from Sept 7th - 17th.  Every year, Donna and I look through the list of of films and pick ones out we would like to see but then never end up going!  Our son is volunteering for the event, so maybe this is the year we finally make it.


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