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August 2nd, by Gerardo Cappelli

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Canadian financial therapists on how to deal with the stress you feel over money

As the article states, money stress is different for different people.  For some, when finances get overwhelming, they ignore the situation and for others they develop obsessive behaviours like repeatedly checking the balance of their investments.  This article doesn't have all the answers but a few good tips.

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Asset Allocation Strategy - August

The theme this month for the allocation strategy is "Under the midday sun".  Well, in most parts of the world right now, that sun is unusually hot, and the strategy would be to exercise caution.  The markets have performed well in July and the rate hikes seem to be successfully curbing inflation.  However, as history has shown, prolonged exposure to high interest rates is a source of risk - much like the blazing midday sun.

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Quarterly Flip Book

We are in the process of adding this to our website on a regular basis.  The CIO Office of National Bank Investments summarizes their portfolio strategy and reports on interest rates, bonds and the stock market.  And of course, my favourite, they address the myths and realities of some commonly held investment beliefs.

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Online Security Enhancement - Bot Manager

A new security enhancement has been added to Online Services platform to block fraudulent attempts to the site.  If the bot manager believes the login attempt is the result of a robot, the site becomes unavailable and a message will display.  If you receive this message, try using a different browser, a different device or clear the cache and cookies on your computer.





Ravine Parks in Toronto

When we think of Toronto, we don't necessarily think that there is a lot of green space but so much of our green space is hidden in the ravines.  Donna and I have done several of these both walking and on our bikes and the amazing thing is how long some of these trails are and how quiet they can be. It is such a pleasure to ride your bike for over an hour and not come across traffic!

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Retro Diners and Drive Ins

Toronto's Drive In theatre at Polson Pier has closed but here is a list of drive in theatres around Toronto and througout cottage country.  The website actually makes a recommendation to a retro diner nearby each of the drive ins so you can grab a bite before hand before settling into your car for movie night.

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