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May 2nd, 2023 by Gerardo Cappelli

Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT

If you don't already know, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot application. It works by taking data already on the internet and generating predictions and answers to questions posed by a user.  Think about when you type in a question to Google and it gives you websites that provide an answer.  With ChatGPT, it will actually just give you the answer!  Take a look at some ways people are using this AI chatbot.

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Asset Allocation Strategy - May 2023

At this time, almost all indicators that NBI is monitoring are sending out cautious signals.  The only exception is market momentum, which seems to suggest there is no reason to be wary.  There is the highest level of divergence of opinion on which way the market is going but for the time being NBI will keep their defensive asset allocation in place.

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Canada proposes tighter consumer rules for airline passengers

Many of you who traveled have experienced long delays on flights with little explanation and no compensation.  Canada has proposed some reforms that if passed, tighten loopholes to traveller compensation and toughen penalties.  As expected, airlines think these reforms are too much and consumer advocates say maybe it's still not enough.

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NBF Budget Tool

As we are noticing, it is costing us more these days to buy groceries, fill up the car, travel and pay the mortgage.  Budgeting how you spend isn't for everyone but often writing things down and seeing how you are spending is helpful for you to stay on your savings track.  I have attached a Budget Tool you can use 

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8 incredible places you might not believe exist in Ontario

During the pandemic, Donna and I took a hike on the Niagara Whirlpool Loop trail.  When we were in the gorge, looking around, we couldn't believe we were just in Ontario.  This is a list of other places in Ontario that has some unbelievable sites from enormous canyons to gorgeous beaches.

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Doors Open Ontario

I always thought Doors Open was a Toronto event but it is actually a provincewide heritage tourism program that allows the public free entry to heritage properties all across Ontario. These can be museums, places of worship, private businesses and even natural areas and trails.  During the month of May and early June there are places to explore in Hamilton, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Toronto and Stouffeville 

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