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June 7th, 2024 by Gerardo Cappelli

a group of 5 people meeting up on the street

Tips for Handling Awkward Situations

Scenario - you are in a social setting and would like to introduce someone to your partner and cannot remember their name.  Donna would introduce me and then hope the other person will introduce themselves.  I think she should come clean and tell them she has forgotten their name.  Read the article to see what the host of Mind Your Manners thinks you should do.

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Asset Allocation Strategy - June Edition

With inflation seriously slowing in Canada, and probably soon in the US, we can expect to see the central banks begin a gradual cycle of interest rate cuts over the coming months.  The question will be how long it will take to see an impact on the economy.  Considering this the CO office is maintaining a neutral tactical allocation between equities and bonds.

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Give your accountant a hug - You may not find another one

We have heard of the labour shortages in the retail sector and for nurses, but accountants? Although this can be a rewarding career, the number of graduating accounting students in North America is down.  I have seen this in our industry as we have a smaller pool of accountants providing tax advice and more client asking for referrals.

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Contingent Beneficiaries

For any registered accounts, we always ensure that beneficiaries are set up on your account.  We are now going through these accounts and making sure to add contingent beneficiares.  Contingent beneficiares are needed in case the primary beneficiares are deceased, unable to be located or refuse the inheritence.  As we are having our meetings, I am updating this information but feel free to contact us at to update.





Outdoor Movies

Starting in June, there are a few places offering movies outdoors at various parks around Toronto.  Downsview hosts one called Movies Under the Stars and different parks host the Toronto Outdoor Picture Show.  I am hoping to grab a blanket, snacks and bug spray and check out one of these.

Movies Under the Stars / TOPS 2024


Pride 2024

June is PRIDE month where we celebrate diversity and inclusivity.  Most people think of the parade that marks the end of PRIDE month but there are other events around the city which include movie events, workshops and even events for seniors and youth. 

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